15 Years of Cumulative BCS Standings

By Jason Priestas on January 11, 2013 at 9:45a

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Pretty solid with a 3rd place finish despite not being eligble this year.

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Also not in it last year either. That's 2 straight years of not being ranked and we're still only 26 points behind Oklahoma.

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This is measured before the bowls. ND gets credit for being #1 this year? Huh?
Plus Oklahoma continues to be exposed in bowl games. They may be #1 on this list but does anyone really think they're been the best team during the BCS era?

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Read the commets... those Tide fans have some thin skin and a serious superiority complex

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Oklahoma is 1-5 the last 6 January bowls...do I need to mention '03, '04, '08, Boise state....

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Love how high we are without being eligible this year....would have been a solid 2nd place if things were different this year.

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Doesn't this tell us that we're NOT facing some mass media/ESPN/SEC/BCS conspiracy? That for the most part we get ranked highly when we deserve it? Any list where Oklahoma is #1 and VTech is #6 (over USC, Oregon, and Bama. Think about that for a second.) shows that in the BCS era some teams have definately benefitted from unwarranted positive media bias. No way anything OK or VT has done ON the field merits their spots. This shows that, on average, OK and VT tend to always get overrated for whatever reason. The fact that we're #3 on this list tells me there's no enormous Injustice being perpetuated against OSU in the court of public opinion/polling. 

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I wonder if this also includes our missing season?

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