New Rivals 100 Out

By Jason Priestas on December 3, 2012 at 12:19p

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I believe actually 5 made the list:
Woodard #28, Burrows #31, Marshall #42, Bosa #51, and Elliott #77.

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beat me to it, caught the same thing, heh.

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Yup, and that's quite a move upward for Zeke if I'm not mistaken!

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Yea they said in the article about 40 spots I think.  So he was a fringe top 100 to solidly in it.  Not a huge move but great none the less.
Looks like we have a shot at 2 top 100 LBers still among other positions

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I counted five...

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4 commentors said the same thing at the same time. well done haha

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actually, 5 commentors said the same thing at the same time ;)

Nevermind, I can't count. Got so excited about having two 5 vs 4 miscounts in a row I was too rushed trying to be clever.

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Lol, got the carriage in front if the horse

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Morris missed three games due to mono, but in six games he completed 62 of 113 passes for 738 yards and six touchdowns

In the above sentence shouldn't BUT be replaced with AND? Presumably missing games is meant as a negative in the above sentence AND 54% completion percentage for 123 ypg are far from what you'd expect from a 5* pocket passer. Morris might turn out to merit such a high ranking, but his season up to the mono was mediocre at best. 

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agreed, I think he is overrated at this point in time. There is still time for him to mature and grow as a QB, but right now, the way he has been playing, he is not deserving of such high accolades, IMO.

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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I'm not one to defend UM guys, and especially not on with an ego like this kid, but "up (until) mono"? That's not fair. People rarely just wake up one day and say "Oh, I have mono suddenly." 
I know when I had it, I had at least and entire month and a half of unexplained fatigue and sickness that I didn't even realize until I felt worse and got blood tests. I played like shit for half a baseball season, and I'd be pretty upset if college scouts were just like, "oh well, looks like he sucks then," just because I had a sickness that is really difficult to self diagnose until the major symptoms start. 

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Fair enough.  I'm not aware of what effect his mono might have had on his performance before he sat down.  The point remains the same, however.  His performance on the field does not merit his rank.  Joey Bosa was dropped something like 20 spots for being injured.  Maybe Morris should've seen his ranking similarly adjusted.  Ultimately it doesn't matter, but hey, it's the off-season.

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Yeah, but Bosa had been injured in the past, so the knock is that he's prone to injuries. You can't be "mono-prone"

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Dude, I think you're overlooking the 1 TD per game. If he's not a 5*, I don't know who is.

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Some target rankings:
Mike Mitchell #30, Trey Johnson #86, Daniel McMillian #93, Shelton Gibson #98

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Marquez North #29, Demorea Stringfellow #62 (possible mystery flip?)

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i think we get 3/4 of those guys listed by tennbuck. get em urb.
edit: add #24 max redfield too

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Oregon, Georgia and Texas A&M with 1 player. Wisconson, Tennessee with 0. I really wish we had Thomas Tyner. He's gonna be something special but nonetheless I still love Esquared.

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How does Rivals have James Quick ranked #21 WR and 182 overall???
I stick to Scout which has him as the #2 WR and 15th overall... Kid is an absalute STUD!

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Damn USC has like 20 guys on that list lol sheesh.


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I know. I was thinking the same thing. And quite a few of them hail from SEC country, no less. How the f$*k do they do it?
It must be those cheerleaders.



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The disparity between Oregon and USC is interesting, huh? The disparity between PAC-12 championships over the last few years is as well. Oregon seems to do this every year and still ends up with enough kids to win their conference and be included in BCS conversation.
A&M (and Georgia), meanwhile, vying for the Houston McNutt award with 30+ kids at the moment. Sheeeit, fellas, sign 'em all!

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I believe this is directly related to the each system and coaching style and mentality.  USC wants the NFL prototypes on all sides of the ball (always have) whereas Oregon wants speed in any shape or size on offense and I don't know a thing about their defense because they just want to outscore you, but I am positive that they do indeed have a defense.  Clearly, Oregon knows what they want and knows how to get what they want out of what they have on the field moreso than USC.  It all comes down to just getting flat out, out-coached on and off the field.

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Max Redfield is a rivals 5 star safety and #24 nationally and decommitted from USC recently.  Per Genestar's bits, he has told some that Ohio State is now his leader, which is strange because he doesn't have an offer or an official visit scheduled.