Georgia Exploits SEC Loophole to Oversign

By Jason Priestas on December 24, 2012 at 6:36a

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I don't see any problem with early enrolling and backcounting at all. We have done it in the past.  TAMU is taking it to a whole new level this year.  In the end if a team can fit 85 players onto their roster without backing out on scholarship offers to committed recruits and current players all is good.

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I don't see a problem with signing more than 25 players if the roster can accommodate it due to legitimate circumstances (i.e. not booting kids off the team to make room for new commits).

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Didn't Braxton do this, along with a bunch of recruits from last year? Isn't Eli Apple doing this too??

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This doesn't really bother me so much, in and of itself.  What bothers me is when a coach takes commitments which put them over their 85, then later "find" some players to leave the program and/or renege on commitments to get back into compliance.

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Yeah, if it's just for the one year, I don't know that this is a big deal. It appears they legitimately had room after last season's recruiting went so poorly. But if you're signing 30 guys every single year, it's obvious that can't happen without using underhanded means of clearing dead weight off your roster. I think that's what foes of oversigning have always objected to.

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Yeah, the fact that UGA 'undersigned' last year is a good sign. When things didn't their way on Signing Day they had two choices: either bight the bullet and go into the season with less than the 85 scholarship players that they were allowed or fill out the roster with scholarship offers to  lower rated players. Saban would have certainly chosen the latter and then just pushed the under-performing players off the team. That UGA stayed under 80 scholarship players indicates that they see them as 4-year team members--they didn't want sub-par talent clogging the roster for the next few years.

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Richt has a family to feed. If your rivals are walking the line (within the rules), he has to walk the same line. The last 2 SEC title games has forced his hand. He is still a good man.

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Richt has a family to feed.

Because he wouldn't be able to do it without using the loophole?

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He might get fired if they don't stay near the top of heap in the $EC so yeah.

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Richt is a good coach. The moment Georgia is stupid enough to fire him, he'll get 10 other openings.

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True but I imagine he doesn't want to find out how many offers he would get. No one wants to get fired.

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Yeah if they undersigned last year and can stay at or under the 85 limit I believe its fine. I think this is reaching here. He starts "releasing"players to fit the 85 then let's talk.

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I think some of it is oversigning. I really get angry when people act like the SEC just has genectically superior players. They do not. I know a lot of people on here hate the golden domers, but I REALLY HATE the SEC!