Franco Harris: History's Worst Loser

By Jason Priestas on December 12, 2012 at 5:04p

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"I remember when PSU fans/alum weren't making asses of themselves about the sanctions." -nobody ever

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"Wow this really shocks me!"-no one ever.

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This story doesn't say whether or not Franco Harris is still carrying around that cardboard cut-out of JoePa.

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Franco = douchebag.

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What happened at Penn State could have happened anywhere... well except in the SEC.  Penn State won't be down forever. Any fanbase that can put 100k plus in the seats isn't going anywhere.  On a side note, how many people would have thought it would have been funny is Franco Harris beat the piss out of Mark Emmert??

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Actually, I think what happened at PSU, and to the degree it happened (14 year cover-up), could have only happened at Penn State.
Sure, big-time major college football scandals could happen anywhere.
But, a 14-year! cover-up of child rape to protect a football program and a coach's legacy? ... that could only happen at a place where the arrogant head coach was king of his fiefdom for over 50 years, surrounded by yes men, and there is literally nothing else in that city except the football program. Everything revolved around the program. Nobody had the sack to tell Joe no, or else they were fired. State College was/(hopefully still isn't) it's own little bubble, kind of secluded from the outside world. Paternoville was reality.

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Dude, sex offenders are everywhere and it could happen at any school.  

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I'm agreeing with you  BREWSTER, & BUCKS43201, you guys pretty much nailed it. DETROIT: I think you're missing the point, here. We can all agree and it's all assumed that sex offenders are everywhere. But, the difference here is once you know about it - and then you do nothing to stop it, and then pretty much aid and abet the rapist, and for over a decade !?! ... that is beyond indefensible. And, to this degree - I think PSU is all by themselves on that dubious distinction.
 I am of the belief that harboring and covering for a child predator (which is essentially what Joe and PSU did) is just as bad as raping kids. Think of the rapes they could have prevented if they had stuck up for the kids, and not the rapist, football program or school fourteen years earlier. Fourteen years !!! Simply put: they put the football program, the school, the Paterno legacy, their reputations, $, and their jobs before these poor kids.
 BUCKS43201 hit the nail on the head: rape can happen anywhere, but in the world of college football --- I think it could have only been covered up this way  for fourteen years by the cult-like State College, with the five-decade tenured coach. I can't think of another school with that dangerous combination. Five decades long of a guy who was given too much power, and people treated him like a god in a place that was in its own little world. Only Penn State in this case. I still can't get over the fact that this went on for fourteen years. If it were my kids involved...I'd be in jail for the retaliation.
The real sick part is - this Sandusky hand-picked kids who had no fathers, so they couldn't go home and tell anybody. It's sad and it makes me mad. I still think PSU kinda got off easy, at least the symbolic part of it...heck, they were playing football this fall as if nothing happened. Yeah, there were sanctions, and they wore blue ribbons. But, I thought PSU should have had the spine to put the program on ice for at least a year...that would have sent a strong message, especially to the victims whose lives are ruined.

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Oh I make no arguments about it being indefensible it is absolutely disgusting what happened i'm just saying don't think that it couldn't happen at any other university.  In fact I think that it's quite naive to think that it couldn't happen elsewhere.

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Not for a 14 year period!

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No. I would have not. I guess I don't find the physical abuse of a guy doing his job at the hands of a bonafide whacko funny. I get that Emmery is unlikeable but all Franco is doing now is pandering to the fringe majority of Penn State fans who are enthralled by this attitude that something was done to THEM at Penn State. You know, because THEY are the victims.
Also-this could happen to this degree for so long when enough powerfull people knew only at Penn State. I don't really know how (in light of all that has come out) you can say that.
Fuck Penn State, still. Today, tommorow, and always. Each and every last one of them as far as I'm concerned.
Still waiting for someone of Franco's stature to come out and show us our opinions about Penn State fans are wrong. Meanwhile Franco and the Paterno family continue their stance of defiance, making them look worse by the moment.

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Not only is Emmert doing his job, he had the support of PSU who agreed to the sanctiions. Franco is mad at the wrong people. I had one moron on twitter tell me that Harris fighting for justice for JoePa is like Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on a bus. Let's see, one sparked an entire movement that changed the country and ended Jim Crow. The other is putting cardboard cutouts of a dead coach in his box at Beaver Stadium.

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But don't tell those Penn State folks there was a culture in and around the program that lead to these crimes being turned a blind eye to for so long. That just isn't true....

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They keep saying that no one knows the "truth" but never say what it is that so many of us are missing and that we have all been drinking the media kool-aid. So, if Harris and his side kick (a former sportscaster who has been fired from multiple stations for, among other things, saying the "N" wod on the air) have all the facts and the Freeh report is all lies, why aren't they putting it out there instead of chasing Mark Emmert aroung the country?

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And there's the thrust of their argument Pam. Why acknowledge the things that damn Paterno when you can just say they are slanted, biased, exaggerated, etc.
I'm really shocked that the money trail hasn't been discussed more. Given all of the sweet heart land deals Paterno had with second mile board members, the bottled water deal people seem to forget about and such. Joe had a lot more reasons than just his reputation to keep Sandusky and the Second Mile out of the spotlight. I'm assuming that will come to light in the civil litigation process. One can hope anyway.
Have you heard the "Lack of Penetration" defense? There is a contingent of Penn State fans who hold that since McQueery never saw actual penetration, what he relayed to Paterno can't really be seen as sexual assault and therefore Joe had no way of knowing anything. Here in Chicago, our local sports talk station has a mid day show, Boers & Bernstein, and the receive calls and hate mail on a daily basis because of their willingness to attack anything Penn Staters do in response. Oddly there are (were really) a ton of Paterno\PSU supporters in the Chicagoland area.

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Ah, yes the old "Lack of Penetration" defense. But, a grown man showering with a 10 year old kid is ok as long as there is a "Lack of Penetration"
Not to be crass, but the fact the Joe is dead helps the "Joe did all he could" narrative

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Don't worry about being Crass. his death coincided with my 29th BDay and I wasn't 'excited' per se but I wasn't devastated either. To hell with that old coot and his family of mongoloids.

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So much this.  I feel like the fringe majority is becoming more vocal, rather than less.  I just hope that some day, they understand exactly what they are trying so hard to defend.

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Yeah, I'm on the side of Penn State in that the sanctions were BS, but this doesn't help matters. Franco needs to tone it down big time. If the Freeh Report's assertions are challenged and successfully refuted in next month's trials, then by all means Franco, go beat down Emmert's door. Until then, just shut up.

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I've disliked Frankie since he picked that ball of the turf in the playoffs against the Raiders. Tatum made a great hit and that should have been the story. "Tatum Crushes Fuqua along with Steelers Dreams", is what the headlines should have read. As much as I hate Emmert, I would root for him to kick your a$$ Harris.

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I didnt know Mr Kotter went to State Penn.....Can John Travolta be far behind?

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Franco is a flat out kook and isn't helping his old school. I too wonder about too many hits to the head - before he ran out of bounds.

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Remember when Franco played the teacher in Welcome Back Kotter? ...or did Gabe Kaplen play running back for the Steelers?

D. Anthony

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Stay classless Ms. Harris.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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There is no actual photo evidence that shows that he actually made that catch.

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