Fascinating Backstory on Maryland's Move to the Big Ten

By Jason Priestas on December 12, 2012 at 3:26p

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I wouldn't trade Delany for anyone.  For our sake, I hope the B1G's superconference (if it is inevitable) is finalized and done expanding before Delany retires.  If not, he better be consulted by whoever the commissioner is.

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The man that stared down ESPN and told them where they could put their pathetic contract offer, is the man I want running the BIG.

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Jim Delaney pulls off mammoth business deals with BEE-ONE-GEE SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

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Good read. But did anyone NOT think it was in Maryland's best interest to join the B1G? Based on the numbers that get thrown around regarding conference $$, our revenue would be a pay bump to like 99% of schools (Texas and ND are the two i can think of that might come close on their own). My concern was always the value that adding them and Rutgers gave to the conference. It would be a good read to see the business case from the B1G's side of things; how much they are predicting their revenue to increase based on a greater demand in these new areas. I'm, guessing that value is baked into their expected renegotiation of 2017.

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Those at UMd that were against the move didn't look at it on monetary terms. They saw it as a further destruction of semi-sacred college sports traditions and rivalries as the almighty dollar wins out once again. I think that there is also a resentment that they had no choice- their glory days in football and basketball are in the rear view window which ticks them off no end, their athletic department is bleeding red ink, their football program has major issues, they had to cut 7 teams last year and had to look at further cuts in the next few years.

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Eh, big deal. Maryland and Rutgers don't belong here and the only reason they are is due to money. This isn't going to result in a better product but it will make good games fewer and father between. I don't care about their stupid TV contracts because I don't see a penny of it.
Also, the BTN is partnered w/ FOX and FOX is going after ESPN's college football coverage. ESPN's coverage is bad, but FOX is worse. At least ESPN doesn't insult my intelligence with an animated robot toy and talking heads that know jack about the subject.

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You can do a lot to turn around an athletic program when you have a big war chest. Big Ten revenue will help Maryland and Rutgers get to where they need to be competitively. When the next up-and-coming coach is job hunting and Maryland/Rutgers have an opening, they will now have the ability to outbid anyone. And not just head coaches, but assistants too. It may take three or four years, but Rutgers and Maryland will be competitive. One big advantage they have is that their athletic departments aren't as big as a lot of the schools in the B1G and therefore their expenses are lower. The additional revenue will have a much greater impact at these schools than it would at a major program (like a Texas or ND, where if they can't afford something, a group of boosters is usually willing to open up their checkbooks).

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I love how people bitch about adding Rutgers. Last time I checked, they've been a solid football program the last 5-7 years. All of this extra revenue will give schools zero excuses when it comes to fielding a competitive product. 

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Actually Rutgers has only been consistently good since the 2009 season, therefore they would be a perfect fit for the tradition and history of the Big Ten. /rollseyes
All the extra revenue for these 2 schools is already spent on projects their current administrations have lined up, and guess what? Fielding a watchable football team isn't one of them.
Those schools don't need excuses for squandering B1G contract money because they don't give a shit anyways! All they have to do is show up and they get paid!

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Sorry, not buying it. Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Iowa have all been getting a yearly warchest that both Maryland and Rutgers will be getting and none of the former are anywhere near "competitive". The B1G is not going to make them competitive. The fans, the boosters, the coaches, and the school are what makes a football program competitive, not a TV contract.
Both of those schools athletic departments were in the red, or close to it. That is why they jumped to the B1G. The people that ran them into the ground are still there and they think the money from a TV contract is gonna fix everything. Not gonna happen. Short-term solution to a Long-term problem.
"When the next up-and-coming coach is job hunting and Maryland/Rutgers have an opening, they will now have the ability to outbid anyone."
Tennessee also has the money to outbid anyone, so why can't they land a big-name coach? Once again, money is not a cure-all. Arkansas was willing to pony up $5million/yr for Les Miles, they ended up w/ Bret Bielema. 
"One big advantage they have is that their athletic departments aren't as big as a lot of the schools in the B1G and therefore their expenses are lower."
 That's like saying Marion, Ohio is a better place to live than Beverly Hills because the property taxes are lower. There's a reason their facilities aren't as big, nobody there donates money, because nobody there cares. The TV is not going to fix that.

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Interesting that a story which featured Brit Kirwan so prominently wouldn't mention his past connection to a certain Big Ten school.

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Thought the same thing.  Kinda odd.

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Yeah, there was an article a couple weeks ago, when this first broke, that mentioned the current UMD president (Loh) as formerly being at Iowa. But they have completely missed Kirwan. Maybe Gee really is difficult to follow...people forget you.

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