Butch Jones Arrives for His Purdue Interview

By Jason Priestas on December 2, 2012 at 12:38p
Would be a strong hire for the Boilermakers. (twitter.com)

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Very good recruiter and a solid coach. He's a little unstable mentally, but hey, so was Sherman. 

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ala Brian Kelly?

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No, actually just like Sherman. He had a bit of a nervous breakdown when coaching the Browns.
edit: Facepalm I'm thinking of Butch Davis. My brain is too exhausted right now. 

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The Bearcat fans are going to lose it when the get dissed for Purdue. I hope this happens.

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I don't get this. This is a step down. I know Cincy is in the Big Least but I have heard whispers of them possibly going to the Big 12 or the ACC. With that said, he has more talent at Cincy. He has a better fan base at Cincy. He also has a better stadium and facility at Cincy. I could understand if he left for Arkansas or Tennessee, but Purdue? Doesn't make sense. Hazelle would be a better hire.

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I'd take UC in the B1G before Maryland - I agree - this would be a step down IMHO.

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UC is a MAC program that's hit three home run hires in a row.
And doesn't Nippert seat 30K?

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Better fan base?? They can barely sell out their 35K seat stadium and attendance plummeted the year they went 4-8(fairweather much?). And while Nippert is a nice place nostalgia wise, the stadium is small, cramped, and severly lacking in updates to it's concourse and restrooms.

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Jones is a better hire than Hazell, from Purdue's perspective.  He knows and is recruiting in this area already, and opens Cincinnati to them.  He's an offensive guru who could help revive Purdue's flagging reputation as a cradle for quarterbacks.
Long term, I think he makes a bigger impact if he moves to Purdue, but I understand the case for staying at UC.

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Cincy is stepping stone always will be....IMO

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It might just be me, but how strong of a hire could it be if I had no idea who Bruce Jones was?

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I have no idea who Bruce Jones is either so that makes two of us.
Did you mean Butch Jones?

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I wonder if he's trying to leverage the Purdue job to increase his $$ at his true destination school. Cincy is about to become completely irrelevant, but it's not like Purdue is going to be halfway decent any time soon...

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Question 1) Can you grow a mustache
Question 2) How soon will you be starting on that mustache
Question 3) Are you ready for lunch


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If the money is better, he has to take a shot. Even in a weaker conference, it remains to be seen if Cincinnati is a place you can win year in and year out. 

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There's alot of moving pieces in this story....  If the B1G takes GA Tech as speculated the ACC would likely open up to UC or UConn.  If the B1G does indeed take UVA or VA Tech you'd think they are both in.  So would Butch want to be in a football first conference or a basketball first conference.  (I know the B1G is the top BBall conference this year but its always going to be a football first second week of April through the first week of December.)  Butch also has repeatedly said he wants to build a program at UC, of cource the current ND coach said that as well, while at UC. 
As an OSU fan and resident of this great state its a push.  He goes to Purdue and makes it relavent again (+1 B1G), he stays at UC and continues to build a program (+1 Ohio)

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