BTN Wants Your Input on B1G Expansion

By Ramzy Nasrallah on December 1, 2012 at 12:27p

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I let them know how badly their division names suck.

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I'll tell them I hope we can kick all these schools out after Jedi Mind Tricking Notre Dame into joining the Big 10,000.

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Took the survey:
1. Change division names
2. Put OSU and UM in same division

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I like the division names, I just want the competitive balance to be better. As it stands currently, the Leaders Division will come down between OSU and Wisconsin for a long time

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im going to say about 75% of the people tell them how bad the division names are. its sad that I had to stop and think about what division we are in.

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I still couldn't tell you which division OSU is in . I don't think of the B1g in terms of divisions. it still doesn't click in my head.

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Same here. Legends right? 

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Without looking it up, I have no idea. Seriously.

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The Legend Division has the M's, the N's, and Iowa.

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We are in the Leaders.  The way I remember it is that our division has the teams that are currently good (leaders) and the other side has teams that used to be good(legends).  OSU, Wisconsin vs. ttun, Brasky

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I'm glad they asked for feedback. Asked for division names to change, OSU and TTUN to be in same division, and for no basketball divisions. 

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What are the pros and cons of basketball divisions anyway? I know for example the ACC does.
It doesn't seem like as a big deal in basketball comnpared to football becasue of the differences in the size of schedules.

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I supported basketball divisions, but only if the league gets to 16 & beyond. If the league gets that large, divisions will be the best way to preserve rivalrys and create regional interest.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Change the divison names, put OSU-TTUN in the same division, keep The Game the final match of the regular season. See how intense that Wisconsin/OSU game was for a division title. Now imagine that against TTUN.

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One of the things I think makes Wisconsin a hated rival is the fact we didn't see them all the time.  When there's an annual game, you have more opportunity for redemption.  When you on see them twice in four years, the bragging/bitterness intensifies everything, IMO.
Oh, and I agree with everything you said - "we'll get you next time" should never occur the following week...

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The conference football game question was good.  I like the idea of 10 (or even 12) conference games in the super-conference model, but I wonder how much of cfb's success is from inter-conference play (i.e. OSU/TTUN probably does not draw as many eyeballs as OSU/USC or OSU/TX).  There's also the home-game issue, which I'd think would be offset by TV money (see previous).  Not sure on this one...

"The revolution will be televised."

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i agree, the idea of 10 conference games with 2 non-conference games against QUALITY opponents seems like a great year. i surely dont enjoy watching osu play akron and miami oh, ohio u, etc. 10 conference games and then non-conference games against oregon and oklahoma for example would be a great year

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With the SEC at 14 you have to wonder if their plan is to merge with the Big XII to make a 24 team behemoth with their Champions Bowl being part of the playoff. With the B1G expanding southward they could consume the ACC and force ND's hand -- creating four, six team divisions. Two divisions could be the Legends/Leaders and the other two a combination of the best schools from the Atlantic/Coastal mixing in Rutgers and ND.

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This would make me stop watching/caring about college football

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I told them to just go to 20 teams and call the divisions The Originals and The FNG's

Long live the southend.

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I suggested division names: "Big" and "Ten". Big important schools in one division and the other ten in the appropriately labeled division.
Then the conference name would make sense again.  I also would know the name of the division OSU would be in.
I also suggested they actually go big name if they continue to expand 1) Texas 2) Oklahoma 3) Notre Dame.  I'd hate to see the first two go SEC on us.  Notre Dame is just stupid. ACC?????
I'm pretty sure my ideas are not any worse than the current reality of the B1G?

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I think Big Ten East, Big Ten West divisions names would work we keep the Big Ten part alive, it no longer (and has not for a while) meant ten teams any way.
Keep the divisions separated as much as possible by geography, which would enhance the division rivalry more in the overall conference game.
All of this is dependent on what other teams we add in from this point forward. Who knows if we will go to 16 -18 -20. Who will be the 16-20 teams, those changes will drive the division make up, and naming issues.

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I think the B1G needs to expand to 24 or 32.  Maybe merge with the SEC and then withdraw from the NCAA.  At that point, why would we need an NCAA?
If we can get it up to 40, we can have a Big Ten division and go back to the way life used to be in a newly created Super Duper Athletic Association. 
Create a monopoly of the 40 best colleges in America.  East, Southeast Midwest (Big 10) and West divisions. Corner the TV market.
Guess what?  Notre Dame doesn't get an invitation. We shall honor and respect their preference for independence.  The first rule of the new Super Duper Athletic Association is you can only pley other SDAA members.
Who wants just one cash cow?  Let's get a herd of em!