The Torg Lands in Cleveland

By Jason Priestas on November 21, 2012 at 7:27a
Where Columbus media members go to resurrect their careers. (
Source: @DustinFox37

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Congratz to him.  Glad for him and his family that he found something so soon.

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Ironic that the news broke via twitter...

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Interesting. Cleveland sports radio takes another fired 97.1 personality. First ESPN 850 WKNR hired Bruce Hooley after he was let go, and now 92.3 takes the Torg. 
Let this be a lesson to other radio guys. If you get canned in Columbus, Cleveland will take you.
And to add another wrinkle: Cleveland is Desmond Howard's hometown. 

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First, Hooley work in Cleveland before working for 97.1.
Second, Cleveland is also the hometown of Jim Tressel and Troy Smith.

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Happy for the guy.  I miss him with Ricordati on 97.1, tho.  Those two had a great chemistry.
Happy trails, Torg.

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As long as Herbstreits influence doesn't reach Cleveland he should be fine.

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He's that much further away from Tennessee.

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Ironic. Isn't Desmond from Cleveland?

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Good for Torg.  I hope he is successful there.

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