Maryland to B1G Getting Realer by the Minute

By Jason Priestas on November 17, 2012 at 5:54p

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everybody all at once no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also it is now offically hate week!!!!!!!!

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Nooooooo!!!! Please just no!

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As if the conference isn't bad enough already? We decide to add another Indiana and Illinois?  

The North remembers.

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Not that it really matters, but Rutgers would probably steamroll both of those teams.

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Yes they would. Rutgers is finally starting to take advantage of its home state talent. If they continue to do so, the Scarlet Knights would be a solid football addition.
Though I am perfectly fine with New Jersey guys like Malcolm Jenkins and Eli Woodard choosing to come to Columbus.

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Money, folks. 
.90 cents per cable subscriber in NYC and DC. No other schools provide that and are AAU members.
From a money perspective, those two teams instantly become more important than 8 of the 12 teams in our conference even if nobody e ef goes to or watches a game.
I prefer the old pre-PSU big ten, but it is what it is. Nobody turns down billions.

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I would make the argument that they add nothing to the conference, but then I remember that these decisions are all about the money. Oh well. Now what, we'll have 6 years of not playing Nebraska or Michigan State in the regular season? 14-team conferences are lame. Just look at all the SEC teams that have 1-loss just because none of them play each other.

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Puke.  We don't need any freakin' Jersey shore flotsam and jetsam washing up in our cornfields.

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Might be a bit soon for that joke given what many are still dealing with out here...just sayin...
on the other hand, Michigan week.

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Not cool. People died and many lost everything in the storm. It will take a very long time for the area to recover.

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Cool story, bro. Being a New Jersey resident for the past 26 years, I can assure you that your lazy, recycled jab at the Jersey Shore (which I'd be willing to bet you've never been to) would be much appreciated by the dozens of friends I have that are either A) Homeless B) Rebuilding a severely damaged home C) Living in a neighborhood that, more or less, doesn't exist anymore or D) Broke after losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars because they were out of work for more than a week, or lost jobs entirely.
Puke indeed.

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Yep.  If this happens it's 100% about the money and the television revenue.  It's not about the quality of the football.  The Big Ten already knows it has a couple of flag bearers.  Sorry to say it but I can see it as becoming reality, but not personally excited or wanting it.

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Just say no!!!!!!!!!!!

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Half my friends in high school ended up going to college at Maryland, so this would be hilarious if it comes to pass.
I think the Terps would be a better fit than most realize. It's basically a Big Ten-type campus already. Rutgers, though, seems like nothing special. No one there cares much about college sports, including the students.
My guess is that Illinois would be shifted to the Legends division, so the two new schools could join the more easterly Leaders?

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Why didn't they just add Missouri when they had the chance?

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Can their stadiums even hold Buckeye fans?  Maryland for BBall I guess, but Rutgers?  Can we get 'Cuse and hit that NY market?  At least in BBall that would be fun.

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The games could be played at the Meadowlands

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High Point Solutions Stadium (the new name for the Rutgers football home) holds about 52,000, I believe, so right in the ballpark of Indiana's Memorial Stadium. I'm sure it would be just fine.

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Comcast Center at MD can hold fans, but as for the football stadiums? FORGET ABOUT IT!

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Why not officially admit them to the Big Ten Network, and keep them out of the actual conference?

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Now that is the best idea I've heard in a longtime

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BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!   Fuck michigan.

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The one positive I see in this:

Maryland has been home to Stefon Diggs (2012), Kenny Bigelow (2013), Kendall Fuller (2013), Ronald Darby (2012), Cyrus Jones (2012), and Damian Prince (2014) the last couple years. New Jersey has had Jabrill Peppers (2014), Garrett Dickerson (2014), Eli Woodard (2013/OSU commit), Alquadin Mohammed (2013), Darius Hamilton (2012), Devin Fuller (2012), and Yuri Wright (2012).

^All of those players are arguably top 150/200 players in their classes, all from those two states alone. If the big football schools in those two states become Big 1G teams, it means that the B1G in general (and OSU as a product of which) will become even more familiar to future recruits from those areas because of things like the Big 1G Network, and the fact that their coverage will now be more geared towards showing B1G games than ACC and Big East games. Increased familiarity could help OSU recruit those areas even more easily in the future.

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Sports wise it wouldn't be the best move today, but money wise and television wise it is a great move.  Both schools have 35,000+ current students, offer good academics, and have very large markets in their footprint (Washington D.C, Baltimore, NYC, and New Jersey).  I think in the future this move would only benefit the conference.  And as already pointed out it would help in our recruiting in those areas.  I definately think it is a good move and hope it goes through.  GO BUCKS, MUCK FICHIGAN!

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This is a great move... for those of you complaining at the qulaity of the programs, who out there right now is better?  Really, what powerhouse program are you wanting to reel in.  I understand wanting to stay at 12, but it seems B1G fans have some mythical powerhouse program that will come in that we haven't invited yet.

Cause I couldn't go for three

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Money-wise its unparalleled. If you understand the Big Ten Networks deal, you know nobody but Texas supplies the money these two supply. And unlike Texas, these two meet th contiguous states and AAU members rule.
i hate the idea of having these two in the B1G but we'd be complete idiots not to do it. The money is ridiculous.

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So we're picking up one of the worst ACC teams and a Rutgers squad headed nowhere no that Schiano is gone? Awesome.
Jim Delaney, outside of BTN and Nebraska, sucks.

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Rutgers is 9-1. They were 9-4 last year and 4-8 the year before under Schiano. They are moving in the right direction without Schiano

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The B1G added Nebraska because of their tradition and excellence on the football field, we were told.
Tell me, what tradition does Rutgers have? Oh wait, I know. Prior to the 2000s, they were the losingest team in Division 1. Why not add the Toledo Rockets? They have more of a winning tradition than Rutgers. Or the Cincinnati Bearcats? or Rhode Island? Or New Hampshire? UMass? UConn? Or NYU? Do they have a football team?
The whole thing is being driven by BTN. That is the movtivation for the whole thing. Viewership. Tradition and excellence on the gridiron are being thrown downt he tubes to get more viewers. Delany wants more people subscribing to BTN. It's no secret.



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In 1869, the first college football game was played at Rutgers. The beat Princeton 6-4. There is no traditiion on the football field without them. 
And yes, it's no secret that it's about money and the reason why the BIG makes more of it than any other conference.

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I respect your opinion Pam, and I know Rutgers football has been around for a long time, but their program is not one of excellence, as Nebraska's was. I realize there there aren't very many Nebraska's left out there.  I'll have to google this, but I believe Rutgers had one of the worst programs in the country for decades, prior to Shaino taking over.
Back when Nebraska was being thrown around and names like Rutgers, Syracuse, Pitt, etc, were mentioned, I thought Rutgers had the least to bring to the table. Do we really need another Indiana?
I guess it doesn't matter. I'm just some working stiff fan sitting behind his computer belly-aching about this move. Delany is much smarter than me, and has much greater vision than I. It's all about the BTN.
update: All time W-L record percentage:
Rutgers - 616 wins
             604 losses
             42 ties for a .5048 win percentage.
Rank: #82 on all time wins vs. losses/ties
to compare:
OSU ranked #7(minus 12 wins vacated from 2010)which would have put them at #4 or #5.
Michelin is #2 all time, win/loss percentage(FWIW).'s picture

I'd rather see Fla State and Georgia Tech.
Oh yes... And Michigan sucks!

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This is a loser idea from a B1G fan perspective. I understand the revenue argument. I just don't care as much about the increased revenue this will bring in as much as I do about keeping the B1G tethered to its history and traditions. I am fine that the B1G 10 added Nebraska. But apart from adding ND, we need to stop. It shouldn't be ALL about the benjamins. 

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not in favor of expanding to 14 teams, much less maryland and rutgers. could see possibly adding the sooners and cowboys, but i think 12  teams is enough.

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I am really excited about this, seems to be happening now.

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Sounds like Maryland's Athletic Department is deep in dept. Dropping sports that don't generate revenue. No one is worth the $50 Million the B1G will probably have to PAY the ACC for Maryland. They don't have the money to get out.

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Terps are solid in lacrosse and hoops,  crab cakes also.
Rutgers state U of NJ, great ag school,  Cook college. I am a grad.  BC= hockey,hoops, walrus,rowing and chowder. I would go with Sooners and BC


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"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Just what we need. Another patsy in the B1G.
Anybody but Rutgers. Syracuse would've been better. I can't wait to see the Ohio State vs. Rutgers poster. Now there's a clash of the Titans.



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Seems to me, too, this would hurt Penn State (no tears from me, of course) most. This would chip away at their recruiting edge in those areas. No?

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Penn State's recent scandal hurts their recruiting much more than Maryland or Rutgers joining the B1G.
Those two being in the league should actually help B1G schools recruit Maryland and New Jersey; coaches can promise recruits that they will get to play games in their home state.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Is there any way we the fans can be part of this decision?  Seriously.  This changes everything the Big Ten has always been.  A middle America power conference.  I don't care if this brings in a lot of money.  For whom?  Not for us the fans.  By bringing in Rutgers and Maryland we are diluting our tradition.  It dilutes the pride we have of being from the midwest and having a conference that reflects those values.  Do we need the money?  No we don't.  We need to call this for what it is: GREED.  If Mr. Delany is concerned about the Big Ten moving forward he should concentrate on the quality of football being played on the field because currently it is underachieving.  In fact bringing in Rutgers and Maryland only adds two programs whose tradition and success on the football field are mediocre at best.  If expansion is inevitible then I would have liked to see us go after Pitt or Oklahoma.  But the addition of these two east coast teams will change our character and make up into something that we will not recognize.    

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I agree Wildman. I would take the Iowa State Cyclones over Rutgers. But there aren't many viewers in fly-over country, Iowa. = No $ there.
It's obvious to everyone that if Rutgers is added, it is strictly a decision based on $, and not on a tradition of excellence on the football field. This would be like adding an Ivy League school to the B1G, IMHO.
Who's next? Princeton? Harvard? They're all east coast schools.
I wonder how Nebraska fans/coaches/players feel about this, having just joined one of the supposedly "premier" conferences?



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@Buckeyedude and offense but you guys are being extremely nearsighted about this. Guys, youre opening up the BIG to the D.C. and NY/NJ television markets. This not only exposes the current BIG schools to huge revenue opportunities but will give BIG a huge shot in the arm in terms of recruiting, something if you havent noticed the conference is desperately in need of. If you pay any attention to recruiting you ould already know about the huge influx of talent coming out of the east coast. Look at the big picture fellas please.

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GUYS! We can call the Ohio State/Rutgers game THE SCARLET BOWL!
I'm mildly excited.

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We already have a "scarlet bowl" with Nebraska.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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With Rutgers I'll be able to see B1G country from my apartment.

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From what I'm reading this is happening because of several factors.
1) Negotiations for the next round of broadcasting contracts is right around the corner. Current contracts end in 2017. Contracts for 14 schools which includes the greater NYC and Baltimore/DCs markets is obviously going to involve higher numbers.
2) It's been communicated to Delany that Notre Dame-issue has been decided. Swarbrick is trying to ease their fanbase into the ACC (which according to Irish blogs -- the Irish fanbase prefers to the Big Ten).
3) Delany doesn't want to end up with the dregs that don't meet any of our criteria (contiguous state, academic credentials/AAU membership, good cultural fit). For example, Louisville, Cincinnati, UConn -- all would not be great additions for one reason or another.
4) I also think Big Ten reps in the play-off meetings are getting ideas communicated to them by the other power conference reps as to how everyone sees cfb evolving (superconferences at 14 instead of 16). How's that for a cartel, conspiracy theorists?
5) Last I think Delany wants the Big Ten to continue to be proactive instead of reactive. He kind of got scooped by Swofford & the ACC in the Syracuse/Pittsburgh deal. Both of those schools were on his radar as additions and are now off the table. 

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Also Frank the Tank is the best source for conference expansion discussions for anyone who is interested.

703Buckeye's picture

He always has good write-ups.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Have a buckeye sticker, NC. I forgot about old Frank the Tank. Really enjoyed his take. As I realize that my opinion matters little. I like having people tell me why this isn't the end of the world.

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Also might want to start googling the Tribune's Teddy Greenstein as he is usually in on Big Ten doings before any other reporter.

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Rutgers and Maryland both have serious potential to be high quality football programs.  Maryland/Virginia is a recruiting hotbed, and New Jersey/NYC is only getting better by the year.
B1G Basketball is a huge winner in this deal.  The talent pool that runs from Washington DC through Baltimore, Philly, Jersey, and NYC is immense.  The B1G Tourtnament in Madison Square Garden?

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I don't see Maryland and Rutgers adding anything to football in the B1G. The B1G already has Minn., Indiana, and Illinois trying to develop football programs that are competitive on more than an every 15-20 year basis. Week to week, especially this year, there aren't marquee football games in conference; Maryland and Rutgers certainly don't help boost athletic credibility in football.
If Delaney wants to leave his mark on the B1G, he should use some of the BTN money to install lights in the stadiums that currently use the portable ones for night games, and have a weekly B1G Sat. night matchup in prime time.