Gary Danielson is a Hell of a Product Pitchman

By Jason Priestas on November 2, 2012 at 6:08a

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SEC to Gary Danielson - "Ooh that's nice - oh yes, good boy, ooh, a little to the right ...there you go! NICE!!!!  ...ok - the money's on the dresser."

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As long as we don't consider Danielson a journalist I'm okay with it.   The guy watches only SEC football. I have a tough time thinking he knows jack about any other conference with enough detail to make a call like that.  This said, I am tired of the notion that an SEC school has to lose twice to be out of the title chase.  If every game counted as the BCS proclaims then a one loss team shouldn't automatically be considered just because the conference has won 6 straight.  This is supposed to be a year by year thing, no?

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and some people questioned why I said a 1-loss Bama team will get crazy love.

vacuuming sucks

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Hypocrit.  Alabama didn't win their division last year, let alone win their conference.

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Listen, I get it. CBS shows regional football, so they have to kiss the arse of said region. Danielson makes his living promoting his company's product; it's how he pays his bills.
That being said, sadly I think he is correct but not for the reasons he stated. Obviously if Alabama is undefeated they will be playing for the title. But there is no way any respectable person would vote a one-loss SEC school over an undefeated team from another conference. Last year Alabama's best win was a close loss at home. The nation won't make that mistake again this year.

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Sidenote: Do you guys know where Danielson played QB in college?


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Not a Danielson fan either but I do agree ND is behind (in my order) Bama, KState and Oregon