Dunn Named B1G Freshman of the Week

By Jason Priestas on November 5, 2012 at 4:19p

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I think he can thank Kenny G for some of this.   It was run, run and run again after that fumble. 
Not knocking Kenny, I love that guy.  stuff happens. 

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Good for Dunn! He is gonna be a stud!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we run Dunn on the same zone read play about 10 times in a row?  It was amazing watching the backup offensive linemen pushing upfield 5 to 10 yards every play!

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Big warning to opposing Defenses. When the game gets out of hand, and the second team takes the field; Dunn is going to put cleats on your chest!!! Congrats Mr. Dunn on running hard and getting recognized for it.

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Kind of sad for the rest of the B1G and their freshmen classes that Ohio State's 4th string RB is able to win the award based on stats that he accumulated during mop up duty.
He sure did look good though, especially considering he was running behind the 2nd team O-Line and was going against some, if not all of the Illini 1st team D.

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I guess the only Big 10 team that has good freshmen is Ohio State.

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Our RB depth is gonna be stupid next year.


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Especially with a Hall redshirt.  It was a spot of depth this year and we had a injuries to the top two and didn't seem to miss a beat.  Should just get better next year.  I love the power spread.

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why cant buckeye nation give up on jordan hall, i just dont understand, he isnt percy harvin like everyone thought, jordan hall at this point wont pass rod smith, let alone hyde on the depth chart and you have to imagine at least one of the speedsters coming in will have an immediate impact at recevier, he'll be completely overshadowed

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Really?  Did you see his numbers when he was healthy?  He averages 5.5 ypc whereas Hyde averages 5.1.  And he doesn't fumble.  Rod Smith shows great potential yet is a liability when he may drop the rock whenever it is handed to him.  Know your facts, son.   

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With Hall you have a proven commodity with senior leadership needed especially with the loss of Boren, Simon, Sabino, and Goebel. I for one didn't see him in spring or fall practice but heard the updates with all the versatility he was showing.
Theres not the same uncertainity as there is with recruiting, hoping everyone pans out with few actually doing so.
Im all for competition and letting the best guy(s) getting to tote the rock and see the field regardless of class and I think Hall is one of those guys.