BCS Standings Released

By Chris Lauderback on November 25, 2012 at 8:49p

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So, if there was a playoff this year 3 of the 4 teams would be SEC? And why do we think a playoff is going to fix anything?

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This year would have been terrible for the BCS Playoff committee.
Either #2 Alabama or #3 Georgia will end this week with a loss, but does that mean they should fall behind 1-loss Florida who isn't playing in the conference championship game?
Especially if Georgia loses, they beat Florida head-to-head, which is probably the most important metric.
Oregon might climb into the Top 4, but they won't be a conference champion - which the committee is said to put emphasis on.
This year is a mess, and actually, ND winning out is really the only fixed piece of the puzzle.

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Remember- the teams are selected by a committee. The BCS rankings are completely, totally irrelevant. 
It will be like the basketball committee- they go in the room, take a secret ballot vote, write down the names of every team that received a vote, and then examine factors such as overall record, strength of schedule, record versus other teams that might make the playoff, common opponents and results, conference championships, road wins versus home wins, etc, etc.
Just like in college basketball, the rankings will not matter one bit. You can't just assume the top four BCS teams would be the ones to go.
My bet would be a committee would end up including/comparing the conference champs (Stanford or UCLA, Kansas State, Alabama or Georgia, Florida State, Nebraska or Wisconsin, Rutgers), a few non-conference champs that would receive votes from almost anyone (the other of Alabama/Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Notre Dame, Oklahoma) and then a few wildcards that somebody tossed in (Kent State, Boise State).
Some of those would obviously be eliminated pretty quickly.
If its anything like the college basketball committee, Georgia would be sweating bullets if they lose their conference game. Their schedule is not particularly hard (#60. Ohio State's is #62) and their loss was by 35-7.
That's the advantage of a committee over the BCS. If they do their job right and treat it as seriously as the basketball committee does, we aren't stuck with the SEC hype machine.
This year would be brutal for the committee. Georgia actually might not make it if they lose to Bama (#60 schedule and a 35-7 loss. Ohio state's schedule was #62, for comparison). And if you don't take Georgia, how do you treat Florida's loss to Georgia? 
Oregon's one loss was a good loss to a possible conference champ in OT, but can you take them over their own conference champ? If Stanford hadn't blown it against Washington, they'd be in if their only loss was to ND on a controversial call.
What do you do with Kansas State and Oklahoma?
The committee would have a horrible time for sure. 

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Since Alabama and Georgia will play eachother it would only be 2 SEC teams. But I do think 2 SEC teams out of 4 in the playoff will be common in the new system, at least at first.

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If they put two teams from the same conference in the 4-team playoff, they better play each other in the semi-final.
They should have put a conference championship clause in there.
Had ND lost, we'd have Bama/Georgia/Florida as the top 3. Georgia wins the SECCG, you have Georgia, Florida as 1-2 and a repeat of last year.

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with OSU 12-0 and the season over am i the only one who is rooting for kent st with one more spot  they are in the bcs maction !!!!!! take that espn u cant get rid of ohio !!!!!