Amazing OSU Football Footage from 1931

By Jason Priestas on November 15, 2012 at 8:15a

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That is definitely not Ohio Stadium.  Looks to be at Northwestern (Dyche Stadium, now Ryan Field)
Still very cool footage

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October 24, 1931 Northwestern @ Ohio Stadium • Columbus, Ohio L 0-10   Att: 41,455
Is the film incorrectly dated, perhaps?

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Not sure about the date.  Ohio Stadium was two tiered stadium from the start.  The beginning footage shows a single tier seating system, which resembles very closely Ryan Field's east side (Wikipedia tells me Ryan Field was completed in 1926) 
I tend to think it's dated correctly but they just made an mistake in location (plus appears to be mixture of different games)

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Weird. Northwestern University uploaded the video. Figure they'd be able to spot their own field.

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I thought we had tackling problems now....that play at 1:05ish is pathetic.  I would have definitly been punching my couch and throwing stuff.  

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I thought the same thing.  I mean come on, just stick your facemask in between his numbers! ...Oh wait

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The video shows the scoreboard at the end stating Illinois v Northwestern.

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Looks like there are portions of several games on that video. The stuff around the 8 min mark and the scoreboard at 8:35 is at the Shoe. Right after that the NU guy makes a drop kick field goal to go up 10-0. Kinda neat.

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This is the correct video. C'mon nerds.
Crazy to see how short the endzones were back then.

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No outrage over the lack of sleeve stripes or grey helmets?

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Ohio State G Joe Galius in 1931, wearing what was referred to as Ohio State's "winged helmet"?!!!?