Tim Tebow Trademarks Tebowing

By Jason Priestas on October 20, 2012 at 1:23p

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Baroclinicity's picture

Is this as bad as Anthony Davis trademarking his unibrow? 

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What would Jesus think of this?

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You can read all about Pharisees in the Bible and find out.

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Tsquared is always getting his name in the news. I guess this is the only way for right now

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According to Websters
1)The act of going 2 for 8 passing in an NFL start.
2) Espn devoting 8 hours a day of coverage to the accomplishments of Tim Tebow (see definition #1).

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Here's hoping he Tebowed when the trademark became official.

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no one's going to beat that.

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Wow, branding his touchdown prayer.  So many things to point out... i'll just shake my head in silence, though.

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Sounds like he just patented assholishness.

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And in other news, Tebow insists that his name should be pronounced T- Bow so it rhymes with wow, and it will make it so easy for ESPN to T- Bow down to his worshipfulness.
ESPN pattens bowing down to T bow.

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This should be thrown out due to prior art. See "praying".

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Jesus doesn't have any trademarks.

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Wow, surprised you can trademark that.  I think I might trademark my crapper face. lol

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I woke everyone in the house laughing at your comment, thanks!

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Tebow is a media (W-word), which is, if I'm not mistaken, a great Christian sin.

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You meant to say, "Tim Tebow Trademarks Tebowing (TM)."  Wouldn't want to get sued for trademark infringement...

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It'd be nice for a site that allegedly doesn't want comments on religion to - pardon the pun - practice what it preaches.
There are all kinds of "tebowing" images out there - I saw one used for a strip joint a year ago - and I don't see anything particularly wrong with wanting to make sure that something meant to be a religious observance isn't misused for purposes that dishonor its intent.
The anti-Tebow thing is just hysterical to watch.  You don't have to like him as a quarterback, but.... come on.
Let's hear about the ways in which we've gone about trying to love our neighbors, spend our off-seasons in service to others, bring hurting families for a special day at the game, etc.