Ohio State Opens -24 vs Illinois

By Jason Priestas on October 29, 2012 at 6:13a

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Feel like Boren is stabilizing the defense. They will be solid the remainder of the season. The offense will go off and we will not have a problem covering the 24 points.

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In the five games the Bucks were favored by 16 points or more (UCF, CAL, UAB, IND & PUR), they have not covered.  I took the points and cashed in the four games after UCF.  
However, ILL is 0-5 in Big 10 play, are 2-6 overall with the two wins coming against W. MI & Charleston Southern and have not covered in any of their other games, including this past weekend where they were favored by 2.5 points again IN, a game in which I won and covered by taking IN with the points.  
ILL only averages 18 pts/game, but gives up nearly 31, and they also give up 4 yds/carry and 152 yds/game on the ground.  We are 7th in the country with 5.5 yds/carry.  
This is the first big spread I actually like for the Bucks and think they will cover easily in pure blowout fashion with a score in the 52-17 range.
Go Bucks.  10-0.

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I agree and feel like this may be the first home game in which this team puts together four full quarters of "good" or better football in all three phases of the game.

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They have been playing down to the level of their competition all season...as well as the past 15 years.  They will be 1-5 against this spread.  

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Another spread offense coming into town? I'll take the Bucks to win and the Illini to cover.

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I don't think they'll cover.  But, it is a 3:30 game.  I'm hoping they'll be awake and ready to go.

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I would never, ever, ever bet on this Bucks team to cover. Nothing to do with being a fan, it's just that they're too unpredictable in how they'll play and win.
Now straight up? I'll take them easy over Illinois and Wisconsin.
i don't bet on the TSUN game ever. I refuse to sully that fine tradition with gambling. I just want to root for my team in that one.

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Agreed, cplunk.  I know this team well enough to believe that they will win these games, but no clue as to how.  Might club them, might play with them till the very end and barely win. No way I'm wagering money on that.

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No doubt, I was thinking the exact same thing any bet to cover is a dangerous bet with this team.  I generally don't bet football anyway, unless it's parlay cards or something like that, but even those I prefer to stick with baseball.

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Regardless of the spread OSU could sure use an easy game.

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If this season has taught us anything its not to overlook anyone regardless of their record. Cal, UAB, Indiana, & Purdue all should have been beaten by 21pts+ but it didnt work out that way. I feel confident against Illinois, but im not gonna jump the gun and predict a blowout...

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I'm not a better, but I think this is too high. Like Purdue, I think the Illini will play their best game of the season against the Bucks and we need to be focused and ready to punch them in the nose early. I wouldn't pick the Buckeyes to win by 24 until they show that they can.

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This.  More so than ever, every team is going to have their chance at glory in knocking off the giant, and will do their very best to do so.  Historically, those damn Illini seem to have a way of sticking around (maybe the Illibuck trophy means a LOT more to them?) 

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If I were more of a betting man, I'd take the points here.
Granted, now that I've said that we'll troll everyone and drop eighty.

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Hoping for up four scores before the half to give KG some much deserved reps but we keep playing to our opposition.  Crossing my fingers that this game builds off St. Penn and Urbz has solid D play while showing off our Offensive weapons.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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The Buckeyes will win handily but take the points. This team is playing to the level of the competition right now.

Long live the southend.

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Ill is a Joke... But who knows TOSU plays according to the opposition. Would Like to shut out ILL.

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I know Illinois is absolutely horrendous, but if Ohio State can't cover against f***ing UAB, then it's definitely a possibility against Illinois, a team that recently has given us good games just like Purdue.

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I think they'll cover, but my personal rule is I never bet on my own teams.  Ever.
Which was hard for years when the Bucks were MONEY to cover the spread.

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Too many points.  We get everyone's best shot, more so with each victory.  It would make Illinois' season to hang the first loss on us( not that I think they have a chance of actually doing it).

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Right now, it will make EVERYBODY'S season to hang the first loss on us.  I'm confident we will win, but not cover.  As I stated earlier.

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I like to see us cover AND hang 70.  Get Braxton to NYC.  

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We're probably due to cover one of these multi-touchdown spreads. I'd say if they score a TD in the 1st quarter they will cover. Scheelhase has been pretty banged up all year and the only other offensive weapon I can name is Donovan Young. If the Wisconsin game was next week I'd say that we don't cover, but I think we get there this week.