Ohio State Falls Two Spots in AP Poll

By Kyle Rowland on October 21, 2012 at 12:45p

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I wish polls until week 6 were done away with, even though this isnt one of those polls in question.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Two 1 loss teams ahead of Ohio State. This is bs.

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Look at who Oklahoma and LSU lost to. The #3 and 4 teams, both in close games.

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OK, that doesn't change the fact that they lost. A loss is a loss and a win is a win...

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Not if you're Ohio State or Oregon(BCS)

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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First off, I'm actually happy we are falling back a tad bit. Honestly, we deserve to. But LSU got destroyed in every aspect of the game. Yeah, that score was close, but LSU couldn't do anything in that game. I think LSU deserves to be behind the good guys and not ahead.

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Ha...we still have more wins than any other team.

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Also, I always thought it would be nice to take bye weeks into account quantitatively when figuring out these polls. For example, there was a stat about the Georgia/Florida game that basically showed over the course of a decade, the team in that game following a bye week always won. My point is, to some extent, having a bye week (particularly before a challenging game) gives you an advantage and makes your schedule, at least to a certain extent, easier. Not so long ago, B1G teams would go the whole season without a bye while SEC teams would take breaks. Meanwhile, there was plenty of SOS questioning going on, but nobody ever talked about the difficulty of playing without a bye. Just my 2 cents.

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Wonder what the odds were that the Buckeyes would be a top ten team? Go Buckeyes!

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I don't care. We are, so far, undefeated with no post-season. Let these kids play for the fun of playing for Ohio State and just winning!
F$%K those polls. (sorry for the language, kind of)



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I have no problem with OSU being 9th. I have no problem dropping a couple spots after a sloppy performance. But what did Oregon State show that was so impressive to move past us? 

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We have to be realistic. 8-0 is great but anything less would be a huge disappointment. There is not one good team among the 8 (Nebraska maybe?). I can't remember another time that the schedule was so poor. This is a Boise State schedule.  
Of course that will change.  Looks like 3 of the next 4 opponents are solid.

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Take out the top 3 or 4 teams and throw the rest in a pile. Mediocre at best. 8-0 feels good no matter the rank.

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LOL at Oklahoma being ahead of us. 

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Bullshit. I think winning like that shows more about a team than blowing someone out. You know who else only beat Purdue by seven? That great and wonderful undefeated #5 Notre Dame. I knew that once we werent ranked in the BCS the voters would start to look past us.

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Actually, it was by only three.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I love osu but they aren't top ten worthy.

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It doesn't surprise me, due to the shaky game against Purdue. I can see Nkohl's point about what ND looked like against Purdue, but ND has also "beat" Stanford, USC, and Michigan this year. I say "beat" because we all know Stanford got that TD. Still, they are deserving of their spot because of their schedule. (Tough to say because I loathe ND)

If we win out and still get snubbed, then I'll be ready to grab my pitchfork.

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I wasnt saying Notre Dame was bad. I meant it as they werent punished for playing close with Purdue so why were we?

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ND hasn't played USC yet

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By God you're right! Must have been having a hallucination. Thanks for the correction, I would have been really confused at the end of the year when they actually play otherwise!

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Sorry, guys.  Anyone who knows anything about college football knew this was going to happen.  That's not a slight to anyone, but more a wake-up call for you to look at the rankings and see just how impossible it will be for anyone in the Pac-12, B1G, ACC or Big East to move up.  The SEC has 1/3 of the top-15 teams.  South Carolina and Texas A&M are still ranked.  That's half their conference.  This means that SEC teams keep solidifying their spots simply by being considered good in August.
The August polls basically handed the SEC champ their spot in the national title game.
Rutgers is undefeated and sits below the 2-loss Gamecocks, whose defense got blown out by a mediocre Florida offense.  South Carolina hasn't beaten anyone except Georgia...who also hasn't beaten anyone yet.  If anyone knows how to fairly assess those SEC teams, please let me know, because in my opinion they shouldn't be ranked.
Say what you will about Ohio State taking care of business by winning all 8 of their games so far...but there are other teams out there that are getting screwed even more than we are!

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But... but... but... THEY HAVE SEC SPEED!!!!

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Herbstreit probably has us at #25.
The computer polls have us about at 10.  

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It's always interesting when you take the human bias out of it and look at only results.
Those polls do have us as high as 3 and as low as 44 though!

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I am just happy we're undefeated.  At the end of the day if you win all of your games that's the most important stat.  Cliche, but true.

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Just keep winning.  F the polls and the voters.  We aren't going to win the AP NC this year no matter what.  Just keep winning and show them we are back and waiting to kick names and take ass next year.  The Purdont game was an ugly mess until 47 seconds left. 

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Is kicking names and taking ass better than kicking ass and taking names?  I hope so if that's what we're doing next year!

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that's Penn State's job...

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Honestly, I never really wanted to have anything to do with an AP title.  I thought it was a joke when USC tried to claim one and I would think the same of us. 
More importantly, I hope we get slighted by AP voters.  Would give us just a bit more motivation for next season when it really counts.

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Well at least the AP isn't like College Football News rankings...19th one spot ahead of Nebraska and two ahead of um.