Minnesota Shells Out $800k to Get Out of Series with North Carolina

By Jason Priestas on October 16, 2012 at 5:48p

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Dude, it's North Carolina! I could see dumping them in basketball, but football?? And who are they going to replace them with? I guess they can pick up the MAC leftovers, now that OSU is going after nothing but big boys.

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Way to raise the bar coach.  Keep in your bubble and let your team be the doormat of the league.

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Utterly embarrassing...

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"... Coach Kill feels like that playing in the Big Ten is hard enough."
Translation: the Gophers need to make space for one more school with "Dakota" in its name.

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Thought Delaney wanted the league to up their out ooc schedules? Must have missed the part where he said everyone but Minnesota.

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Can we just demote Minnesota to the MAC already?

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If you want to LYAO check out the Gophers future OOC schedule:
not one BCS conference school has been scheduled till 2017, then they battle OSU Beavers for a home and home, take a 2 year BCS OOC opponent break and then tangle with Colorado for a home and home starting 2021.
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Dear god, please let me never hear words such as these uttered by an OSU football coach or AD.

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Wait, so is Kill's goal just to go 2-6 in the Big Ten every year so he can take his teams to Detroit for bowl games? This move makes no sense at all. Why would scheduling even more cupcakes out of conference make playing in the already mediocre Big Ten any easier?

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I brought this point up a couple of weeks ago when everyone was excited that Gene Smith said he was going to try to increase the schedule strength. It is not going to be that easy.  Minnesota and the Minnesota-types in other BCS conferences have no interest in scheduling other big schools. They want to go 4-0 against MAC/FCS schools and go 2-6 in conference. As long as the NCAA allows 6-6 teams to go to bowls, this will not change.

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Way to represent Minnie! I wish we could send them to the MAC. It seems to be what they aspire to!

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Doesn't OSU need to fill spots in a couple years from now? Should talk to UNC. They aren't huge OOC but they can replace a MAC school and OSU might do just as well too. I mean, UNC could be under double secret probation soon! Could beat the name without the hassle of a decent team. A weak UNC might still look better than a decent MAC team like Akron.

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OSU plays a home and home with UNC in 2015 & 2017.

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That also might not be a bad idea, make the MAC into the B level B1G, like in soccer. The worst team in the B1G goes down to MAC and the best MAC team comes up to the B1G. Worth a thought. More money for everyone involved I'm sure. 

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Welcome aboard Bobcats!

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And one more thing.  Jim Delaney needs to get his shit together and figure out how to deal with stuff like this.  The BTN is a huge success and has all 12 schools swimming in money. There seem to be plenty of freeloaders who have no interest in actually improving their athletic programs. While schools like Ohio State, Michigan, MSU are investing in coaches and facilities for their revenue generating programs, Minnesota is content to cash those huge revenue sharing checks and embarrass the conference with crap like this. If this is how it's going to be, this "12 equal pieces" stuff has to be revisited.

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I thought Jim Delaney made a blanket statement about the B1G stating that the conference as a whole would be scheduling more high caliber teams and less MacPuffs?

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Good call usmc.

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