Mack Brown: No Plans to Retire

By Jason Priestas on October 15, 2012 at 4:23p

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That slight tremor you just felt was Bobby Bowden rolling his eyes.

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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I'm sure Texas fans welcomed this news with great joy...

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Nick SaTan to Texas by 2014. You heard it here first. 

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For the ladies (looking at you, Sarah).

Awwww, yeahhhhh!

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Who's that homeless man with Mack Brown?

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lol... I shoulda went with "Alright alright alright!"

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"'d be a cooler if you did..."

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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That's what I love about these high school college girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.

People are saying that I'm an alcoholic, and that's not true, because I only drink when I work, and I'm a workaholic.
Ron White

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Longhorn must be as good as MILF. #Weeds

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I am Groot - Groot

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I think the Buckshot Headline could've also read:
"Texas: No Plans to Win"

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This will not end well...

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Hang in there Mack, your my hero. As long as your there, Urban should have a great opportunity to plunder some Texas talent. P.S.. your taking some serious heat of our former O line Coach with your player development. Mack B., the Walrus of the South?

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Mack Brown is the John Cooper of this generation. Recruits like no other (although it is Texas) and absolutely sucks as a coach. 

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This pretty much summed up the game last Saturday for Texas.

It's true... We really are a bunch of nuts!
Go Bucks!

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Mack should call bobby Bowden tonight and ask what it feels like to be retired.  Things never end too well for old coaches that don't see the writing on the wall....

Buckeye in PA purgatory

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I love that screen grab, Texas Buckeye. I think I'll keep that for my Longhorn-fan grandfather.
Also, you and I have switched locations. I'm an Ohian in El Paso...

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Appreciate it. I thought that it was pretty funny once I saw it.
That's awesome that you're there in El Paso.  How long have you been living there? And what side of town do you live on? El Paso is a great city, grew up there all my life before moving to Ohio.

It's true... We really are a bunch of nuts!
Go Bucks!

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I moved here this January. I live out on the far East side. So far, it's been a great experience. The culture here is phenomenal. So completely different than that of anywhere East Coast. 
So, what I'm really saying, is where are the best restaurants??

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My family still lives out on the Far East Side, on Eastlake just outside of Horizon City way out east. And yes, it is very different from the East Coast.
Basically, any Mexican restaurant will usually be very good! Out on the East Side, El Taco Tote, Julio's Cafe, and Delicious are all very good places to get some authentic Mexican food.
If you're looking for Texas BBQ, Rudy's is a good choice, along with the State Line and Cattleman's Steakhouse. There's a ranch out there at Cattleman's and it's pretty expensive, but still very, very good.
Finally, there's Chico's Tacos. I promise you, it's very different then what you will find anywhere else. Basically, it's taquitos covered in cheese with a secret sauce and everyone who's lived there in El Paso for an extended period of time will tell you that they love it. I personally can't wait to go back in December and get my fill! Those are fantastic!
Hope this helps a little bit!

It's true... We really are a bunch of nuts!
Go Bucks!

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Sorry for the thread jack...
Yes the green sauce at Chico's is heavenly. Once I realized they's give you a whole cup to go, my home dining got that much better... I went to Fabens for my anniversary. It was expensive, but awesome.
Thanks for the recommendations!