Lane Kiffin is Still Slimy

By Jason Priestas on October 23, 2012 at 4:39a

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Wow, I'm surprised to find this is not against the rules...

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Move along, nothing to see here.

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You don't have to give the other team the roster before the game or something?

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Eeeeewwww! That's such a scummy thing to do! This guy really does suck at being a human being.

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Kiffykins does something unethical? STOP. THE. PRESSES. Lame is one of the slimiest head coaches in the sport -- at any level. And he pulled this $hit against Colorado? Really?? So he was worriead about losing to the Buffaloes so much he felt the need to be deceptive and unethical, but technically not illegal. What a disgrace....

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This has to be illlegal, right?

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How is this not illegal?  I'm all about schematic advantages, but give me a break--this is like the A-11, violating the "spirit" of the rules.

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It's illegal in HS baseball, for sure (I'm former umpire).  In fact, teams are supposed to travel with spare unis in case of blood or a uni being unidentifable.  I would guess this is a direct violation of the rules, unless it was reported to the other team beforehand (but I still don't know if it would be legal unless the player wore that number the whole game).

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Apparently, it isn't.  The link says that it's considered an "ethical violation", but there are no rules explicitly preventing it.  Shocking, really.

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The article says it is unclear if he did it with the intent to deceive. Are you kidding me? You mean the backup QB's jersey wasn't out of the dryer as he just happened to go in for the kicker on a fake?

Slimy is an apt description of Kiffen.

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An "ethical violation" should hereafter be referred to as a "Kiffin".

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I am making this happen in my office.
This makes me wonder if he did it to see if there would be any backlash or objections, and if not then do it again in a game with more on the line.  Stay Classy Kiffen.

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When I poop, I refer to it as "taking a Hoke."

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Seems about right.  Kiffin is a cheat.

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This makes me hate the NCAA even more as well. Why list it as an 'unethical practice' but not have any penalty for it? This is the same principal as Cam Newton, Tatgate, and other 'violations.' The rulebook should either say something is a rule or not, and then list the appropriate punishment. Not leave both up to interpretation. 
Aaaaaannnnd kiffin is still a dirtbag.


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Lane Kiffin be trollin'

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If it isn't against the rules, how is it unethical? It is up to the NCAA to put a stop to things like this, not a coach. What surprises me the most is that Kiffin would pull this stunt in a game that wasn't close. Why show your hand now?

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It's probably considered "unethical" because it purposefully deceives the opposing team by putting a player in another player's jersey.  I'm still shocked it isn't in the rulebook...

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He obviously was using deception, but deception is applied on all trick plays. Saban thinks that the hurry-up offense is unethical; some people think that Meyer getting that last touchdown against Nebraska was unethical. My point remains it wasn't unethical, it was stupid. If he had something like this planned why not save it for the Rose Bowl? Or against Oregon? Yes this should be against the rules, but until it becomes illegal Kiffin has an obligation to win within the bounds of the rule book.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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You are right Lad, but there has to be an internal voice that says something is to far.  I remember Cooper running John Lumpkin onto the field just as a play was being snapped on the goal line.  Jackson or Germaine, I can't remeber witch threw him the ball for a TD.  It was quickly called an illegal play.  It was illegal, but Coop should have known better.

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@Painter - Because in addition to being unethical, he's an idiot? 

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They should have to forfeit their win, 2 years of sanctions didnt teach them anything! And all the dumb stuff Kiffin did at Tennessee!!! It's cheating plain and simple! And childish at best, changing uniforms! What's next stick'em and greased uni's! Someone should kick Kiffin in the nuts!

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I am shocked that Monte Kiffin, someone I have admiration for, could produce a nozzle such as this. Hell of a defensive mind, little lax in the character development department I am afraid.

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Agreed - unfortunately old Monte raised himself a walking, talking, turd.

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He had to go right after he made this decision.

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This is pretty poopie, even for lane kiffins standards.

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The reason it is unethical is because the NCAA Football Rule Book defines it as unethical. It does not make it illegal because there are perfectly ethical reasons for a player to change numbers during a game - a D lineman with a high number would have to change to a different # if he would be put in the game as an O lineman, or two players can have the same number if they are not on the field at the same time, but one must change if they both are on the field at the same time.  It is difficult for the officials to keep track of such changes during the game other than just enforcing the standard rules for numbers. Switching a players number as an attempt to deceive an opponent is specifically unethical so a coach or team can be repremanded by the league for doing so.  

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Not a Kiffin fan here. 
However, maybe the defense should follow the football and tackle that guy that has it.  I doubt they thought... "hey that's the punter, pay no attention to him."
How many secondary violations did he have at Tennessee in his one year, while sheepishly claiming ignorance?  He's a tool.