UK Fan Gets a New Glass Eye

By Jason Priestas on September 19, 2012 at 10:04p

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I feel like every guy who is a UK fan ends up looking exactly like both of those guys. 

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Now you know what I have to deal with every day.  I'm surrounded by Big Blue Nation. 

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This is really stupid, but I think that the Wal-Mart UNC fans are the worst. They are awful, just terrrible. 

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lol, where I live it's not so much the fans like this or the goofball doing the John Wall dance on YouTube, every fan base has those Wal-Mart fans.  The regular fans are the ones that get me.  The arrogance and hypocracy kills me.  Many of them don't even acknowledge the rest of college basketball. You mention a program and they are like they aren't any good, we have 8 championships.  Ok thanks, great insight!  What also drives me nuts is 5 years ago most UK fans didn't like Calipari at all. They said he was a cheater and only recruited thugs.  Now those same fans will rip you a new one if you dare talk bad about their Coach Cal.
To be fair, I'm quite sure that the same kind of fans are present in Columbus and throughout the Buckeye fan base, being a fan and also not living in Ohio I don't get to encounter that every day though.

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If I ever lose an eye and think a OSU logo would be a great replacement someone should just shoot me.     That is freaky

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He may be a redneck.