The Big Ten Needs Your Help

By Jason Priestas on September 6, 2012 at 5:11p

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the legends has all the m's and n's + iowa.

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I promise to remember the names if someone other than Ohio State can win a flipping Rose Bowl or Championship in the next 10 years. 

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I don't see why people think it's so hard to remember who is in which devision.
Leaders: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin
Legends: Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern
How is that so hard to remember?

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You know what might make it easier for people to remember? If they actually just made the divisions regional and seperated them down the Illinois Indiana border and quit over-thinking everything.

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They are mostly regional.  Draw a straight line from Lake Erie to the corner of Iowa.  All schools below that line, plus Wisconsin are in the Leaders.  All schools above it are in the Legends division

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That's what I've been saying the past 2 years.  Linked an old pic below.

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The East/West line is much more natural, and wouldn't have an outlier.

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Correct. East/West. Same conference as UM. We play them once a year & it away with all this Legends/Leaders crap.

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Can't get past the absurdity of the names.  When did everyone decide to roll over and accept them?
I just think of the B1G as divided into the Ohio State and Michigan (State) divisions.  At some point I'll remember which other schools belong to which group.

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   I think they need to move Northwestern into Ohio State's division and move Wisconsin into "our rivals" division. That would make it sooo easy.
   All the teams from Penn, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois would be together and Wisco would get to play thier rivals.

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The division Wisconsin is in, and the division Wisconsin should be in. I heard that as a joke when the divisions were announced, but that's honestly how I still remember.

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Think of it this way...

Name every B1G team that had beat OSU the five years before the divisions - ok group them with OSU in a division. Now, [conference suit mentality] how do you make it look like it's not bias against tthe conference dominator (OSU)...add Indiana. Leaders.

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Any real fan should just know by now.

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I drew this up way back when the divisions were announced.  I've never understood all the confusion, but then again I don't suck at geography. It's basically a Northwest/Southeast regional split with Wisconsin being the lone exception.

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its almsot north and south divisions

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The problem isn't geography or the lone exception. The problem is that the names of the divisons are geographically vague and moronic. Most people will look at that map up there and say, "Ok. But which one's which?"

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Are you shitting me?  After 2 years you can't remember Ohio State's division is the Leaders and the other division is the Legends?
I hate the names of the divisions too, but it doesn't prevent me from remembering which teams belong to each division.  I believe people are using this excuse in hopes that the B1G will believe them and change the names.
They could've called the divisions "Belgian Waffle" and "Rusty Hubcap" and I would have no trouble remembering the division alignment.  I'm not Rain Man over here.  It's really not as hard as you guys are making it out to be.

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It's not that it's hard to remember it. The names the B1G came up with are so flipping lame, that most of us are choosing NOT to learn them. The names hold ZERO significance to the teams in those divisions. They are just a miserably failed attempt at creating a marketing coup by the B1G.

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I don't think most people have trouble remembering who is in their favorite team's division. You learn who is in your division so you know which games are divisional games, obviously. I think the problem is, people are like "Yeah, I know OSU is with both Indiana schools, State Penn, Illinois and the outlier Wisky, BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT DIVISION CALLED?" I still can't ever remember which division OSU is in, so I just call it the "Ohio State Division," and call the other one simply "The Other Division." I'd honestly prefer those names to be the official ones over the heaping load of ISH that is the Leaders and Legends. (which one are we in, again?)
Based on the map above, why can't it just be North/South? Who cares that Wisky isn't technically "in the South?" The SEC has Mizzou in the East Division for Pete's sake. And don't we want to be just like the SEC?? Oh wait, never mind.

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^ This
I also have no trouble remembering one has all the M-schools, N-schools, and Iowa and the other is us plus Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Penn State and Wisky. For the life of me, though, I couldn't tell you which one is Leaders and which one is Legends. 
If they weren't going to go with North/South or some other directional, is it too much to ask that the two division have names that start with different letters?

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Soooo Right! It really has nothing to do with remembering who's in which division. It's remembering which division is which.

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Iowa and M's & N's is easy enough for me.  (as someone else already said)

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Yes, but do you know what the name of that division is off the top of your head?

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I do and the way I remember it is this.  When I first heard the names of the divisions my buddy was like "WTF Archie Griffen, Woody Hayes, Joe Paterno ... *NOT* in the Legends division??"  I was thinking the exact same thing so it is easy for me to remember.  This method isn't as memorable for others I get it and I'm not defending anything based on the way I remember it!

How many batteries does it take to beat Michigan football?   1AA
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Just remember, "I'd rather be a LEADER than a legend."

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Protip: Give your divisions better names and people would remember them.

B1G, the names are an embarrassing example of over-thought market research, that's why no one wants to recall them.

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Exactly!  Hell, Delany himself used all sorts of market research terms when explaining the new logo, why they're sticking with the Big Ten name, and why they chose those division "competitive equity" and "branding."  Ugh, makes me nautious.

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The Leaders division lead in violations
the Legends division are legends because they are no longer relevant.



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Wow, thanks B1G for a contest that allows us to see a game that our team has no way of playing in....

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The Illinois\Indiana border forms a perfect east\west split that preserves MSU\UM, OSU\UM, IU\PU, and PSU\OSU without creating the possibility of rematches in those big games, which in this sportscaster's opinon lessens the rivalry. I would have liked to have seen E\W. Even though the names suck, I do like the balance of the current division, but the idea of an OSU\UM rematch really irks me. Worked fine for OU\Texas each year-want the Big 12 game? Better beat your rival to get there. Two teams enter, one team leaves. Now, we don't really have that.
Oh well!

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The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

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I feel bad, but I never remember which stupid division we're in.  All I know is that we are in the oposite division as TSUN and we're in the same division as Penn State.

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It's a list of 12 names that you already know divided into two halves.  If you can spell half of O-H-I-O every time you see someone with a Buckeye shirt, you can f'ing memorize the two divisions of the B1G.  1st grade math is harder than this.

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Technically speaking you really only need to know one of them*
*Assuming people can name all 12 teams in the B1G

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Yeah, I can remember it and sort it out... it still sucks. And the names are stupid.