Saban Being Saban

By Jason Priestas on September 6, 2012 at 11:06a

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What a miserable dude.

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As much as I think Saban acts like a douche-often, I can't say I disagree with these comments.



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I wonder who smiles more: Saban, Dantonio, or Pellini?

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That's a great question. I'm going to ask Twitter.

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I'm honored.

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KFleck, I think he should be directing his frustration at the players, not the grown ass men who are simply doing their job of writing about a sport for entertainment.

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I can't believe I'm writing this, but I agree with everything Saban said. Granted, I tend to be critical of the major video-game sports media, so - for me - Saban is barking up the right tree. Nevertheless, I can't help but like certain things about Saban. My head will now explode . . .  

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This made me like Saban a lot more than I used to...weird?

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I on board with everyone so far.  Saban didn't do anything wrong.  He wasn't belligerent or overly hostile...he just bluntly said what he thought about the sportswriters building up his team and how it affects them and their opponents.

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I'm finding it harder and harder not to like this guy.


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The whole first part seemed to be defending ttun as well.  Apparently people down in SECland were writing things about how bad they were and Saban thought they deserved a bit more respect.

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As much as I generally dislike Mr. have to credit him with how he keeps (or at least attempts to) his teams hungry for more wins.  Complacency and believing puffed up hype is what has led many to losing games they should have won.  Sometimes the better teams do not win and many times the team with something to prove prevails.  All in all Saban knows how to prepare his teams - everything he does has a specific reason period.  I hate you Mr. Satan...but I can respect your passion and intent keep your team focused and hungry. 

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maybe the media guys he was addressing, were relatives of bianchi

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Don't forget to have that medication refilled, OK Nick? I love that his players think they have the SEC won because they beat an over rated Michigan team.

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He exaggerates (intentionaly or not) to make his point. For example, sportswriters and sports media figures shouldn't make predictions because that makes the actual games meaningless? Okaaaaaaaaaaaay....But I actually like the gist of what he's saying, though he seems to go a little overboard.