Ohio State Falls Four Spots in AP Poll

By Kyle Rowland on September 16, 2012 at 11:51a

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welcome to world of a Mid Major conference.  Now can see how Boise St. and TCU fans have felt.
 Hypothetically, if Minnesota or Northwestern were to go undefeated, they wouldn't play in the BCS NC game, over a 1 loss SEC, Big 12 or Pac12 team, right?
I could also see, hypothetically, OSU going undefeated, and finishing the year ranked outside the AP top 10. 
If Michig*n falls to Notre Dame, the Big 10 will fall as far as any of us have ever seen in terms of National respect.

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How many other teams fell 4 spots after winning? We certainly didn't look good, but we still won...

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Am I seeing this correctly that VaTech is still ranked by the coaches?!

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I said this on another thread, but this VT team is really bad. They're a lot like us from last year: Bad offense that can't keep the defense off the field.

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Pretty stupid that we dropped. Oh well, not being able to play for a championship kinda makes the ranking irrelevant IMO.


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Agreed. I'd just love to hear anyone's justification for how we can drop 4 spots after a win.

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some voters must have watched our linebackers play.

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Yeah, I agree that 4 spots for a win is too much, but it's not completel unjustifiable.
A top-12 team should be able to handle a Cal team that lost to Nevada in week 1 easily. Tedford is also notorious for crumbling in big games, and yet he hung around with Urban and co. for all four quarters. All-in-all it just doesn't look good in the eyes of the voters. 
Also after ND, Florida, and Stanford's wins over ranked opponents, it was going to be hard to keep them under OSU.

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Good point.  FL, ND, and Stanford all looked very impressive, I must say.  I definitely do think we struggled, but still beat, a Pac-12 team and that 4 spots is a little uncalled for.  There were definitely impressive aspects of OSU's game (sacks, receivers/passing game, Braxton...)to go along with the unimpressive.

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and Wisconsin recieved 5 votes, so you have that to consider.

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...aaand we're somehow the highest ranked B1G team. Basically our conference occupies the spots vacated by the Big LEast now. Fun times. 

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dont think the bucks should have dropped 4 spots, but then again i didnt agree with the bucks being ranked as high as they were.

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This is more Stanford, Notre Dame, and Florida going above us because of quality wins I think.

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Yep because everyone forgot floridas bad game against BG, and stanfords 3 point win over san diego state, or notre dames close game with purdue. 

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Whatever.  Wins over Tennessee, USC, and Michigan State this week are a lot more impressive than anything we have done.

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How do we know that a win over Tennessee is impressive? Because they beat NC State, which following the loss to Tenn edged UCONN 10-7?
The jury is still out on MSU, too, which looks pretty one-dimensional on offense right now.
I don't really care about the ranking and have no problem with those three teams being ranked ahead of Ohio State, but I also don't think we have a clear sense yet how teams like Purdue, MSU, Tenn, Tex AM stack up versus Central Florida and Cal.  

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Judging by the eye test all of the above teams looked more impressive than us period. Tenn is a decent ball club. We struggled with a Cal team we should have handled and got 500+ yards put up on us...at home!

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I'm not too disappointed, of the four teams that jumped us 3 (Stanford, ND, UF) beat ranked teams, two on the road and one against the number 2 team in the country, and Texas put up 66 points in a road game against an SEC team, all of those things are more impressive than what we did on saturday.  If we beat MSU convincingly we'll move back up.

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Some voters still believe Ole Miss is in the SWC

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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the winner of Florida State/Clemson will battle South Carolina for the title of America's most over-rated.

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In a roundabout way, Ohio State really only dropped one spot. Stanford, ND and Florida all jumped them, which they absolutely should have. So in a sense, OSU only dropped one spot.

Also, polls are completely irrelevent for OSU this season, unless they go undefeated. So there really isn't much sense in getting upset, especially in Sept.  

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This early in the season especially, the polls should be more volatile because the preseason rankings are slowly being supplanted by genuine information.
Instead of getting mad that the Buckeyes slipped 4 spots, the real question is whether we've objectively done anything to deserve a ranking of better than #16. The Buckeyes haven't won away from home (unlike Notre Dame and Florida), looked only fair against Central Florida, and were arguably outplayed by a team that had lost to Nevada. I think we're about where we deserve to be.

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This is completely irrelevant. Even if Ohio State were bowl-eligible, it's still irrelevant. It's week three. You keep winning, you move up. That simple.

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Buckeye fans, I'll ask again: Why do we need polls?

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Before I start this....  I am not a conspiracy theory type.  I don't wear tinfoil hats, etc.
Is there a legitimate dislike of Urban Meyer which could impact polls?
Its only on my mind, because I just caught up with that Tim Brando thing...

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Do some not like Urban? Yes. I would say he's rubbed some people the wrong way, but I wouldn't think its that different than other coaches. I would venture to say that many in the media do not like Saban, but it doesn't seem to be impacting Alabama in the polls. Some also do not care for Kiffin and others.  

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Spot on. Some hate him some love him. No different than any other winning coach. I don't imagine there is such a media bias that it would ever effect the polls. Now if OSU was one of the top 2 teams in the country, maybe politics have an effect of some sort, but even then, it couldn't hurt them too bad...
Truth is, we barely beat an unranked team at home. You could even argue we probably should have lost. A team that lost to a crap team & struggled against another. 16 is probably about right after that nail-biter.
Still, I would say that was the best Cal has played in quite some time. One way that having Urban Meyer as a coach will effect OSU is that every team out there will be doing their best to be the first to beat Ohio State so there will be a bigger target on their backs than ever before. Every team we play will likely give us their best game for a long time to come....

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Two words: Lane Kiffin. 
I guarantee you he is way more disliked than Urban ever was. And they started the season at #1 even though they're a young team with no depth or defense & overly reliant on a couple of stars as we saw this week. But that + Lane Kiffin's long trail of burned bridges still didn't prevent them from getting the preseason #1 nod now did it? 

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If we played any of the top-15 teams, we'd lose by 2 TDs.  First, the offense CAN be great, but it isn't really.  The receivers are still as bad as they were last year, but they're calling more passes so the stats make it seem a little better.  The running game is basically all-Miller.  And the defense is an undisciplined mess.
I am not really surprised that we dropped.  Cal had no business coming into the Horseshoe and scoring 28 points on this team if they really were as good as they looked against Miami (OH).  So, even if the Pac-12 is the best conference top-to-bottom (a case can be made for that), Ohio State did not make a statement as the ineligible conference flag-bearer.

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We aren't the 12th best team in the country. I have no problem with this.

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Every team that jumped us deserved to, especially with the way we looked against a mediocre Cal team.

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Keep winning, start improving - rankings will take care of themselves.  They can't lowball us forever if we don't lose at all.

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You play a piss poor game against a team you should have handled and things like this happen. We werent the 12th best team in the country thats for sure!!

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I'm not really paying polls any mind this year like I normally do, but it's obvious why OSU dropped 4 spots. Many of you are spot on. Notre Dame, Florida & Stanford all played great. We did not when we were expected to win by at least a couple TD's. We were outplayed at home. Not that hard to understand why we dropped. As long as we are ranked higher than Michigan, I'm okay with it :P

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It's annoying, but the bowl ban makes me not care as much.

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If Cal beats USC do you think we jump 8 spots up?!

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OSU won, that's all I care about. Keep winning and see what happens. I'm with some of the others on here that say it was more about what the teams that jumped OSU did, rather than what the Bucks did themselves. 
It was a little too close for comfort, but a win is a win and we're only 3 weeks in to the season. 

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