FAU Smack

By Jason Priestas on September 21, 2012 at 9:12a

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Saban has been pretty merciful this season-short of the shalacking he gave Arkansas last week. Really not wise to call out the best team in the nation.

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Yep. Saban may just drop 60+ on them now.

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Delusional much Corey?


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Still not great, but if you read the full quote, it's not quite as bad.

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Did you see comment number 7? Classic

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OMG, that's funny! Good job Lincoln.



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Honestly I like this smack talk more than when it is two evenly matched teams.  If you aren't going to win on the field you might as well win the war of words.

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I agree, what's the dude supposed to say, yeah they are going to kill us by 50, what would be the point in playing the game if you didn't at least think you had a prayer.  I've played sports before where we knew we were probably in for a long day but we all still believed we had a shot until the game started. 
Even for close games I don't mind smack talk really.  I just don't much believe in bulletain board material.  I personally have never seen or read an interview where afterward a player was like yeah, all that smack talk this guy was saying really motivated me to win this game. 

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Seriously, anyone who has played competitive sports before knows where this kid is coming from. What does he have to lose by running his mouth? Best case scenario - he fires up his fellow teammates and they come out madly inspired and #ShockTheWorld. Wost case? - they lose to AL like everyone expected they would, & a couple of internet comment jocks mock him. I doubt he cares. You gain nothing from being all meek and humble and keeping your mouth shut to kowtow before the Mighty Saban like some here seem to suggest he ought to be doing. Then it's a self-fulfilling prophecy and you go form 99.5% chance of losing to 100%. 
When you're that much of an underdog you need anything and everything to get you in the mindset that you have a chance at least of winning. If you don't think you even have a chance at winning anytime you step on the field, then just don't bother playing. 

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How about Brian Hartlines smack talk this week about Tebow lol? Dolphins will get a nice ass whoopin this week.


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BTAlbert, being confident and thinking you have a chance is one thing..saying "they ain't what people think" and "we have speed against them" just makes this kid sound ignorant and silly. The've been the most dominant program in the country the last 3 years, absolutely squashed everyone they've played this season but yet "they ain't what people think"? Come on dude!


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Real life LULZ.

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How about a kid from FAU other than Duron Carter making news on 11W?
I do agree with one little part - they can be beat - but obviously, not by FAU.  Anybody can be beat.  Remember the last two defending BCS national champions that looked unbeatable a year later?  Referring of course to 2005 USC and 2002 Miami.  What happened?  Same thing could happen to 'Bama. 
FAU should be happy if they even score a point on Saturday, or hold Alabama to under 50, and thrilled if they do both.  Why in the hell you'd open your mouth about Alabama is beyond me...lol.

Class of 2010.

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"Michigan ain't nothin." - Terry Glenn. How did that work out? Keep thy mouth shut, young people.

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Nobody thought preseason #5 Michigan would lose AT HOME to FCS App. State either alright. I don't get why WE of all people are bashing this kid. Don't we hate nick satan/bama/the SEC etc? I would LOVE for FAU to upset them in the mother of all shockers. Why the hell not? Who here wants LSU-Bama BCS Redux Part 4 or whatever (i've lost count...) 
Is his prediction reasonably likely to occur? No. But why can't he think in this way before facing the Tide? If you look at all the greatest historical upsets, (1980 US hockey, villanova - georgetown 85, etc) - would they have happened had the underdogs just decided to LAY DOWN AND DIE before the game was even played? Sure it's not LIKELY but i dont get why WE as OSU are laying into this kid who is talking himself into beating the EVIL EMPIRE. You know what I say? GO F*CK THEM UP CORY HENRY! SHOOT THOSE MISSILES INTO THAT EXHAUST PORT!! 

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I don't remember any App. St. player running his mouth before that game. If you think you have a chance, keep the talk in the locker room.

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No one is really saying they want Bama to win. The FAU player could've said something a little more mature then they ain't nothin. A little perspective wouldn't hurt in this situation. How about "they are a great team, but I think we have a chance to beat them  if we play our A game" something like that would've been a little more respected...hence why Its a buckshot and people are like "huh?".


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I guess I just see the value of 'respecting' an opponent differently. When you're playing a team of roughly equal or worse talent level you obviously need to over-respect them to ensure you don't underestimate your opponent and get beat. Hence why Saban himself, Senator Tress, Urban, etc are so good at coach-speak and talking up cupcake opponents. That's understandable. But when you're like a 50 point underdog or whatever FAU is, I mean, I think those guys are already aware of how good Bama is and how little chance they have. It's way too self-evident and in this case the danger is over-estimating your opponent to the point where you're just glad to share the same field as them and just want to collect a paycheck and go home. I personally don't mind an extra dose of bluster and brashness in situations like this. 

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its going to be a blood bath if Saban wants it to be