ESPN College GameDay Will Be in East Lansing

By Kyle Rowland on September 23, 2012 at 1:17p

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In before "Big Ten Sucks"

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They will also be in Columbus tomorrow at 3PM (The Union) to shoot a :60 commercial, if anyone is interested.

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making the trip up Friday night, I can't wait. I don't have tickets yet but thinking about trying to find some. If any other students (or just buckeye fans) are interested in tailgating, let me know.

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Just buy some from a scalper. Wait for kickoff, they'll be desperate to get rid of them.

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Ill be there!!!

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@DesmondHoward: So @CollegeGameDay is heading to East Lansing for the OSU v MSU game. I can barely contain my excitement. 

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Des can get a nice hardy round of boo's from both groups of fans.

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I can barely contain my laughter at him.  That's the one little thing that OSU and MSU fans have in common - hatred for TSUN.

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Des should be happy his employer sends him anywhere since he doesn't deserve the job he has

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After bashing the Big Ten to hell last week, they're going to a Big Ten game. I'm sure they're happy that it's not in Columbus.

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Wouldnt bother me if they never had gameday at another Buckeye game.

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Yeah, last week corso started in with the "speed" talk and I about puked.  Talk about beating a dead horse. 
It's cool to see the atmosphere and excitment Game Day brings but the talking heads really sour it for me.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I looked at the national game schedule and OSU-MSU is pretty much the only game this Saturday that features 2 ranked teams going head to head. Makes me think they didn't really have a choice but to go with this game. 

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Flying up from Atlanta with my wife who's a Sparty alum.  If our marriage can survive this weekend I like our chances going forward.

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MSU has only won 1 of their 4 Game Day opportunities so I like our odds!  (hey I have to talk myself into it somehow)

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This is laughable...but I guess maybe this is now the best Big Ten game of the year...that is until Northwestern plays Minnasota. Whoooie! is that gonna be a barn burner. I would've rather seen gameday come to Columbus, for Urban's debut against Michigan.

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I'll be in East Lansing and at the game as well.  I will be nowhere near Gameday.

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