By Jason Priestas on September 15, 2012 at 1:35p
You may want to put the smoke machine on ice until you can get more than 8,000 to show up for a home game. (twitpic.com)

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William's picture

That is pathetic..

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

When you stadium draws 10 times as many people for WrestleMania as a Miami game...yeah...

Class of 2010.

buckz4evr's picture

Where's the swag now?  I can't image what is going to happen after the sanctions come down on them.  I Hate Miami, but it's kinda of sad to see such a powerhouse have such a mighty fall.

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

Sure that wasn't their spring game or something? My Lord I have a hard time thinking that pic is even possible.

Buckeyejason's picture

"too much to do" in Miami I guess? Or at least that's what they say about L.A teams.


tennbuckeye19's picture

Miami fans must still be hungover from the Heat championship...

741's picture

So pissed they beat us last year.

Menexenus's picture

Sad...  Doesn't say much about Miami football fans.  All bandwagoners, I guess.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

KE's picture

UMiami is in south Miami-Dade County, while the stadium, which is where the Dolphons play, is in north Dade, almost in Broward. It's tough for students to get there. When the team sucks, it's really hard to get a crowd. Miami is not a great football city anyway - I'm not surprised at this terrible turnout.