Wisconsin's Alternate Uniforms for the Nebraska Game Unveiled

By Jason Priestas on August 6, 2012 at 2:37p

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I've liked a lot of the recent ones that came out for other teams, but these are horid

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"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

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Adidas has lost all creativity.  Nebraska will be wearing essentially the same unis just with an N instead of a W.  
Although our unis were just a rehash of the Georgia ones last year.

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I can come up with something more creative than this in MS Paint.

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I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Do we have a "Throw back" design this year?  I liked last years, I even bought a jersey in a drunken fog.  The year befores was bad.
These are bad, but better than AACC's bumble bee look last year.

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We have had 3. The white and dark grey ones at Michigan in 2009 (1954 tribute), The Scarlet ones with a different font (942 tribute), and the ones against Wisconsin last year.

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I forgot about the two we used against AACC.  I just remember the first ones being all white.  Last years was kind of cool.  Plus the fact the jersey they were selling was #45, instead of some random number that has no real meaning to me.  When I got it home my wife liked it, so that was a plus.

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The Official DDS of 11W

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can somebody point that mannequin to the bathroom?? looks like he has some business to take care of

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I think these are pretty cool, I think the red will look good.

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Yeah, definitely kind of neat for a football jersey. I look forward to seeing this on the field.

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Horrible.  This isn't hockey, stop putting letters on the front of jerseys.  It's not even the Wisconsin W logo for shit's sake, it's just a letter! 

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The old stick-figure W was indeed their logo 1957-66.  In this unusual design; fore- and aft- placement.  They did a retro recreation of this design for an anniversary game in 2005.

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Whomever designed that helmet obviously was high. Everybody knows the letter goes on the side. Geez. Morons.



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If there is a rule that says you have to have big numbers on both sides of all helmets (as I think existed in that time period) it is an interesting variation.  I am surprised more teams didn't do it.

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Kind of in the same vein as...

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When did they turn into the fighting Warios?

-The Aristocrats!

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been looking everywhere. does anyone have any information on this years pro combat? there is nothing (legit) on the web

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The W is for Tungsten not Wisconsin.

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Wolfram in the haus.


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[deleted by moderator]



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I get it; you don't like the design.

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Wisconsin and Nebraska are gonna look so cute in their matching uniforms.