Sanzenbacher Running with Bears' First Team

By Ramzy Nasrallah on August 5, 2012 at 8:13p

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It's still crazy that he went undrafted. Good for him!'s picture

Buckeye Nation happy!

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After he made the team last year, it's hard to say that I'm hoping for him to make the team again this year.  I wish I was saying that I hope he makes starter this year.

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Doesn't surprise me one bit, the guy is a straight beast! 


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You just can't measure heart.

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Just had Dane as a guest at our home two weeks ago for a fundraiser for the James/Buckeye Cruise.  He was AWESOME!  What a great ambassador for the Buckeyes.  Go Dane, Go Bears, Go Bucks!


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As a Buckeye and Bears fan I was thrilled when the Bears picked him up last year he was a straight steal

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I think he'll make the team. Marshall and Bennett will be the starters, Hester should run out of the slot, I think Dane lands firmly in the 4 spot, especially with Knox's injury and Devin Thomas' retirement. He has a nice rapport with Cutler and should benefit any time he's on the field with Marshall. Good to see.

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Just think if they hadn't given Greg Olsen away. MARTZ......
That 5 man WR rotation with Forte n Bush in the back field?
Tice's Viqueens teams scored lots of points when he was coach, looking for this roster to put up some points!
Is it football season yet?
Bear Down & Go Bucks 2012

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Derp. I did forget Alshon but Knox is jacked-Dane will be on the roster as long as he isn't.
Olsen doesn't bother me. One of the picks they got for him was part of the Marshall deal, I believe. He was a dog anyway.

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You're forgetting they just drafted Alshon Jeffreys in the second round.  I think Knox will be back soon.  If Dane's going to make this roster, they'll have to keep 6 WRs.  Cutler likes him quite a bit, so he has that going for him.
Bear Down.  Go Bucks.

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Did you just say Cutler and rapport in the same sentence?!? I kid I kid....

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Still can't believe how many passes he dropped last year. Dude had glue for hands at OSU.

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I'm willing to blame Cutler...

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SANZENBACHER IS THE SH¡T ! I hope he does great, sometimes shows that NFL talent evaluations aren't always right and are sometimes way off! People must have never watched him play, has a nose for the ball.

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It's still baffling to me that this guy wasn't drafted. 

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