OSU Oversteps Its Bounds With New Policy

By Jason Priestas on August 28, 2012 at 1:45p

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How would this even be enforced? My dad covered a big-time college football program for a newspaper in the 80s and early 90s. Apparently there were times when the head coach would say something to a group of people that included reporters (like at a luncheon or something), then would add "But that's off the record." I guess my dad said he'd just make eye contact with the coach and shake his head "No," and write it anyway.
I guess with the Twitter thing they would try to kick you out of the press conference? Seems weird.

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Play ball or lose your credntials is how it's enforced.

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Do you know how the Dispatch and CPD are reacting to this? OSU probably doesn't care as much about bloggers, but I'd be curious to know if those papers have complained.

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definitely intrigued about the reasoning...has to be some purpose

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This paragraph speaks:
"...the fanatical, worshipping culture surrounding Ohio State football intoxicated school officials into believing they were bigger than the rules of society, that the Scarlet Steamroller was strong enough to flatten anything in its path."
Apparently has a problem with tOSU that has been festering in his little Akron based heart for years. I bet he wonders why he can't get intelligible quotes from coaches and players and is consistently denied access.

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Don't mind it. Its OSU's football program, its OSU's decision in the end. Media wants to get some coverage, follow the rules, if not, too bad, go to Capital or Otterbein, I'm sure they would love some pub.

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Of course you don't mind it. You're not trying to deliver timely Ohio State news.

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Don't care for Twitter at all. See Forum-Site Bugs.

Long live the southend.

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Ban lifted.

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I wouldn't really care for this either, except for the fact that it's extremely dumb. OSU streams its press conferences live, meaning that anyone can watch and tweet about them from their house, but they can't do it if they're actually in the audience.