Oklahoma City School Bans Michigan Shirt

By Kyle Rowland on August 21, 2012 at 12:54p

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I saw this story earlier today. Kinda crazy, although humorous given that the kid was wearing a UM shirt and was made to turn it inside-out. The OKC Schools claim it has to do with gang-related issues? With a 5 year old? But they are allowed to wear Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. 

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This seems so stupid. Apparently you can only wear in-state schools' shirts? Doesn't this violate the Tinker vs. Des Moines ruling?

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Be carefull up there dude...its a long fall from atop that high horse.

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Not all that big of a deal.  Last I heard they were also banning teaching evolution in the classroom.

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Ohio should institute the same laws: Only Ohio State or other Ohio schools 

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Hopefully you're joking.

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Heh. "No, the principal at Wilson Elementary did not go to Ohio State."
Odd ban, not sure how a university t-shirt could be considered potentilally gang material by the school system, but I am pretty white bread suburban, so what do I know? They also ban all pro team tshirts, even the OKC Thunder.

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Usually, especially with something as far out of state as TSUN, the suspicion would be that he was supporting the crips (usually blue gang colors), who have a lot of different gang units throughout the country, which could lead to problems if the kid has an older sib who is in the crips, and another kid at school has an older sib who is in the bloods.

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lol...great minds, Pam...I sent the story link and this picture above to all the TSUN grads here at the office.  =)

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The first time someone sent it to me, I didn't get it right away. Once I did, I saved it on my hard drive for occasions such as this

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The shirt said "Bighouse" which clearly promotes prison life.  Well done, OK.

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Woody would be proud.

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Maybe the folks down in Oklahoma think "the big house" is a prison. Hence the no wearing gang affiliated shirts

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Regardless of whether this is fair or not, one thing remains the same.  Michigan still sucks.

Class of 2010.

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Not to bring politics into discussion, but "alone time" just so happens to be illegal in Oklahoma, so this doesn't surprise me.
State Stupidity: above maximum.

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