Et tu, Eddie?

By Jason Priestas on August 29, 2012 at 3:43p

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gonna hurl

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Guy looks like he could still suit up today.

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Yeah I just saw him a couple of weeks ago at the Cheesecake Factory @ Easton in Columbus, and he still looks like he's in playing shape...

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Pretty sure in the Heisman mode in NCAA 2013 Eddie mentions that USC is the team he'd play for if he could suit up for any school right now.  Can't blame him, they run a traditional Pro Style, like Coop did.
This is seriously disturbing, though.

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I think this picture was taken during a show he was shooting on campus. He works for FSN out here in LA, which is pretty much a Trojan and Bruin station(depending on the time of year).
Also, it's not on common for these guys to get a work out in on campus and snag some gear from the team. 
Still gross though.

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Yep, still got the fresh pressed creases on it. Nothing to see here, just a wolf in sheep's clothing. Experienced travelers know... break a sweat in it... wipe your netherlands dry, then throw it away. Don't bother stinking up your suitcase.

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hope he burned the sucker afterwards

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Folks, it's a shirt...

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This. I might be taken aback if it were another Big Ten school, but I don't see any conflicts with him also liking USC.

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I don't know, William. I smell an elaborate, devious scUM plot. They know that they could never get him in their gear, so they stole his luggage at the airport, and then in USC disguise they offered him this shirt "just for the afternoon" until he could get his luggage back. They did this, trying to throw all of us armchair QB's off our game so we couldn't cheer with abandon against Miami this week. You don't really think it's an accident this picture just showed up this week, now do you?  

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He shot something on campus, in his full suit, and didn't want to wear his suit to practice. USC grabbed him some gear to throw on while he hung around at practice. (This from a producer who would know...)

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you should have just said "sources" instead of a producer etc. Come on, it works for ESPiN.

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As long as it's not M*chigan, I don't care.

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I say that he lost a bet! or...what BUCKEYEVET said.

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