2012 Retail Ohio State Football Jerseys Released

By Kyle Rowland on August 23, 2012 at 2:51p

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southbymidwest's picture

Too bad John Simon is a senior, otherwise I would have to seriously think about getting a #54 jersey. 

Maestro's picture

Get your #24 jersey before they sell out.
Love Basil, but that just seems like an odd choice.  He isn't The Nuge.....yet.

vacuuming sucks

Run_Fido_Run's picture

When Armani Reeves returns two punts for TDs . . .

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Also, here's another theory: Urbz thinks, "I might need this kid Basil to kick a winning FG during our run to the 2013 national title."
So, he lines Basil up for a FG indoors with hundreds of fans circling, screaming, jumping around the other players.
Urbz takes time out of the spring game to have Basil kick like six 40+/50+ yd FGs in a row.
Now, Urbz selects #24 to be one of the commercial jersey numbers.
Let's see if Basil melts under the glare or not . . .

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You are deep Fido.  Of course, I have no credibility so don't take that as a compliment.

vacuuming sucks

Denny's picture

You're in-credible, Maestro.


Run_Fido_Run's picture

You have mucha credibilidad.
Now, it is true that I got in deep with student loans . . .

Maestro's picture

Worth every penny I have no doubt.

vacuuming sucks

Jason Priestas's picture

This man has interesting theories.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I hope by "interesting" you don't mean . . .
Chef: "How do you like the chataubriand?" Restaurant patron: "It's interesting."
Friend who set you up on blind date: "How'd you like Betty?" You: "She's interesting . . ."

Jason Priestas's picture

Meant it in a good way.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I like the #10 combo.

DLB1276's picture

Just get a #7 jersey...you could say it's Joe Germaine, Ted Ginn, Chris Gamble, etc.

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. . .Joey Galloway, Cornelius Greene. . .
Solid jersey.

RBuck's picture

What? No love for Hyde?

Long live the southend.


So few jerseys to make available.  Plus I personally want to see Hyde live up to his potential this year.  Cause he can be a beast if he does just that 

Ekes42's picture

They better all come in embroidered numbers and not just the crap screen print.  Really want to grab a scarlet #5 and gray #10 for the year. 
If Simon wasn't a senior I'd probably grab it too.

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How about the staff uses the same pole to see whose jersey 11W readers would purchase?



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

BLeezy17's picture

I'm not buying until they release a 17 jersey. Crap, that was Boeckman's jersey. I might be waiting a while.

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Ive been waiting for a #5 with embroidered numbers for a while. When do these go on sale?

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I was gonna get that #4 jersey until I found out it was Barnett d*** it...I wanted my nameless jersey to be Jaamal Berry. Oh well maybe next year :)
EDIT: In all seriousness, Barnett is just an awesome football player!! If I wasn't so sold on getting a #5, I'd probably go with #4. #10 isnt a bad call either...Shazier is great and years down the road we might see #10 get retired for Troy!

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If i remember correctly Holmes was #4 as well.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

RedStorm45's picture

No #1 (Roby?? but yet we get #4??).  Could see #34 or #44 as well.
Your #7 theory doesn't apply except for Ginn...has the new stripes and whatnot.