Ohio State Releases Updated Depth Chart

By Jason Priestas on July 26, 2012 at 10:54a

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Oakland Buckeye's picture

Is this any different  than before "peegate"?

Seth4Bucks's picture

I'm surprised at and happy for Fragelrock holding onto the starting spot at RT.

Northbrook's picture

That is really going to be an outstanding 5 man rotation at DT/NG. We may need a freshman or two to step up at DE. I think there are a couple than can.
Farris: I thought reports were he went to OT. Hopefully Dodson is ready to go.

RBuck's picture

Surprised that Stoneburner and Mewhort are listed as starters...even though we all knew they would be.

Long live the southend.

E2Brutus's picture

Hey guys... does anyone believe Evan Spencer will be able to hold down that first team position over Verlon Reed as the season gets closer and as it progresses?

Oakland Buckeye's picture

I could see Michael Thomas moving over & playing the Z...

AGL's picture

If Verlon is 100% I would say no.


741's picture

Biggest surprise to me is Adam Griffen in the 2 deep. Kid must be working his ass off.

thorvath22's picture

I hope he is in the 2 deep based off skill but something tells me its more based off of the fact that we are rather thin in the secondary.

buckeyeforlife20's picture

We'll see if he keeps that after Reeves and Murray get here but he is definitely better than expected.

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agree, i was very skeptical at first but he's in it to win it. i still want to emphasize how small that dude is though; he's shorter than his dad

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Travis Howard must be going into his 6th year senior status with Nathan Williams or something.

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Urban said that this depth chart "didn't have his signature on it", but I'd imagine it's a pretty good reflection of reality regardless

Buckeyejason's picture

I like Baldwin at LT. Might have some upside there. Perfect frame for it. 


CO 303 Buckeye's picture

The only thing I see this team missing is a field general like Steve Belasarri or Todd Boeckman.  Oh, why oh why does graduation have to come in and take away our only chance this year?  Oh my lament!  Haha but really; Damn that's a scary 2 deep.  Honestly I think OSU is going to F up the Big 10 this year without a doubt.  Step one revenge on Nebraska IN THE SHOE.  Step 2 revenge on Tsun IN THE SHOE.  11-1, 12-0, whatever just beat those two teams and ruin their seasons.  Also I honestly and truly expect us to win 10 games.  Without a brand spankin new coach, the players lose focus and I say 8 or 9 wins. But F it that isn't the case.  Go Bucks!

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Oh please lets not ever mention Todd Boeckman again... He was TRASH!!!! Good guy, but man did he suck at qb....

flipbuckeye's picture

He may not have been great, but looking back, he was worlds better than J-Bau.

Buckeyejason's picture

Trash is a harsh word, he helped a team win the big ten and get to a national title game. Had a pretty good 2007 year. A year most QB's wish thy could have In their careers. He wasn't Andrew Luck or Troy Smith but he was way above Bauserman or what Justin Schiwk ever did.