Is There a Bias on BTN?

By Kyle Rowland on July 2, 2012 at 1:34p

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This sounds a like a whiny PSU writer complaining that PSU does not get the hours it once did.  Guess what?  When PSU events are aired the viewership goes down.  Most of us can not stomach to see anything connected with PSU anymore.  Gee, I wonder why that is?

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For the same reason ESPN runs a headline anytime someone pisses near the OSU football team (pun intended), the BTN is going to show more OSU stuff than any other school: because our fan base pays attention. At best we're passionate and enthusiastic; at worst we're intolerable and whiny. But regardless, we're always here watching and reading about our beloved Buckeyes. Shows/headlines about OSU get ratings, end of story.
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Could be wrong but not one commentor, all seemingly PSU fans, ever brought up the fact that the thought/sight of anything PSU related could possibly be considered distasteful to those not drinking Paterno piss. Shows how far from the reality of the situation of devastation to lives these "fans" are. Exactly why the harshest punishment the NCAA could possibly hand out is necessary. Sorry to those that think otherwise, but without it, business as usual will prevail in good old Happy Valley.

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I noticed that yesterday as a matter of fact.
I was watching Big Ten Elite (2002 Nat'l Championship season) and there was a problem with the recording, so I was looking for a later broadcast and came across more than a few tOSU programs and games. Problem was, the games were all losses!!! LOL. I was thinking, wow BTN is mad at us for something.

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That's part of the reason why Ohio State gets so much air time.  All the other school's biggest wins are against the Buckeyes, that is the rare times it happens.

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I think this is a really good point.  Just because OSU is on BTN, that doesn't mean the game is intended for the OSU fanbase.  Some of those games were upset losses to other teams.  So really those games are for the other fanbases.  (Purdue, I'm looking at you.)

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If watching a football team, or any other PSU sport, consisting if players that had NOTHING to do with the sex scandal disgusts you then you may be taking this a bit too far. Jerry Sandusky makes me sick, those that covered it up make me sick. Innocent players and coaches(specifically other sports) should not have to suffer or be associated with what happened.
And for those hoping for the death penalty....AINT GONNA HAPPEN, nor should it. How can you punish a team of players that still believed in santa claus when these horrific acts occurred. PSU is going to suffer plenty when all is said and done.

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You have to remember two things:
Ohio State wins A LOT of championships (conference or otherwise)
Ohio State has the LARGEST athletic department in the country (more things to cover)
so IMO we should have more coverage if we have more going on. 

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Plus, all they are playing lately is OSU losses from last year.  Ugh.

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Personally, I keep finding last year's OSU-Wisconsin game.  It's been on the last 3 times I've flipped on the BTN.  Also, they wouldn't be showing so many of our losses if we just didn't have so many of them!

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I've seen Purdue Harbor and scUM on so many times, I've lost count.

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The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

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Is it wrong that after reading this I could only think..."we rule".

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Ratings.  Ratings. Ratings.  It's not just BTN; if you look at dozens of the most watched college sporting events over the last dozen years; the Buckeyes are up there all the time.  BTN has to sell ad time; they'll need to show the numbers to if the whiny folks over at State Penn want to complain, they'll need eyes on the TV.

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Because the world really wants to watch Indiana vs. Iowa from 1999..

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^^^^ This ^^^^

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yes, there's a bias. yes, there damn well should be.


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Most of the bias is against us. Our loss at TTUN last year in FB was just on now, and there are days when all I find is our losses. I actually would rather be less televised and have more wins.

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OR there is zero bias at all and we need to refamiliarize ourselves with what the word bias means. Broadcasting stations play the games of the most fruitful markets, because, surprise, we make them the most money. Also, UM-OSU and out other close losses were still more exciting than most other B1G games. Finally, the network will show more of our losses when we lose more than we win, it's first grade logic.

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Additionally, we are usually the marquee game for every Big10 team so on days that are specifically for MSU, or Purdue, etc, they are going to show games they win, not lose, and some of those may happen to be against us. Your logic is flawed lady buck as you are only focusing on the negative since losses, esp to UM, stick out more. If anything, I see more OSU wins...simply because we rarely lose(except for last year).

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I went to the Michigan @ Northwestern game last year.  When I first starting looking for tickets, I asked a former co-worker who is from Chicago if he had any friends that were students or ticket holders.  He said, "Yeah, I know a couple.  What game do you want to see?"
I told him Michigan and he busted out laughing.  He informed me that is the biggest game of the year for Northwestern and no one is going to give up their tickets for that game. 
I've always been aware that all schools want to knock off the big boys (OSU included), but I was caught off guard that a somewhat meaningless, non-rivalry game mustered up so much attention.  Just another testament when OSU or Michigan run the table (or for the most part) in the B1G how difficult it is when everyone is gunning for you; not only your rivals.

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Aside from the OSU days, I rarely see OSU wins aired during "neutral" days (they have basketball all day friday, and I believe football all day either sunday or monday). I understand that we are usually the marquee game, and don't really mind our losses to those respective schools to air on their specific days. However, when it extends into neutral days, I get a tad annoyed.
Side note: Next Tuesday is OSU day, and BTN is airing the 2003 Fiesta Bowl win at 9:00pm. 

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Ohio State may have the most hours but most games I see on BTN that involve OSU, they are the losers of the game. I can't even begin to tell you how many times they have replayed OSU's games vs Nebraska, Purdue, and Michigan from last season. I see a lot of this with the big ten's greatest games too.