Call Me Maybe

By Jason Priestas on July 11, 2012 at 3:01p

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They are clever with the video production up there. I am impressed.

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where's brutus?  two clips?  hmmm      Still hilarious though.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Methinks the fix was in for Herbie Husker to win. I did like Sparty though

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Herbie Husker and Goldy Gopher (had to look the name up) were my favorite. 

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At 2:19 Herbie Husker commits a 15 yard* penalty.
*Not applicable in the SEC

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I said this on the Forum post regarding this video, but I'm thinking someone forgot to inform the B1G mascots from the schools in Indiana and Illinois about this video. 

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I feel like Brutus just got served

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I've got to say, I didn't hate that... Which is a shock to me.
Also, everything I've learned about Nebraska since they joined the B1G I like (in this case, really good looking girls, and talented/funny mascots). The B1G made a great addition in Nebraska I think!

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Three comments:

1) Not enough Brutus, but epic win for his doing the Carlton in the first clip.

2) Nebraska girls are MUCH hotter than Minny or Sparty's girls.

3) That stupid lion still looks like a burlap sack.

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Also, Bucky must die.