Big Ten, Pac-12 Pact Dissolves, Fans Lose

By Jason Priestas on July 13, 2012 at 12:14p

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Damn, I really wanted to see Urban play Leach.  Granted, he won't be at Washington St. for more than four years.

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Good. Now we can go schedule some SEC teams again.

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Exactly. Never bought into the "Playing Georgia and a Pac-12 opponent in the same non-conference season is too harrrrrd waaaaaaaaaaaaah" argument.
LSU played Oregon and West Virginia last season in the non-conference season. One at a neutral site, the other on the road. The best teams play big OOC games. Ohio State should be no different. 

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Kinda LOL'ed at the inference that SEC teams regularly have tougher OOC scheduling than the rest of the country.

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True. LSU did have WV and Oregon on their schedule last year, but they also had Western Kentucky and Northwestern State. Should they get credit for the 2 good games and crap for the 2 bad games? I think so.

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Considering most of the SEC schools cop out and say the SEC is too tough for us to play real competition OOC, I think 1, let alone, 2 top tier teams speaks volumes.  I mean if the played 5 teams ranked somewhere like 20th-60th (the Iowas, Illinois, Purdues of the world) I would give them credit for that as well, but if you're risking your season twice outside of conference play, that's a plus in my book, and they deserve two "walks in the park."

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There was no inference there. I was talking about LSU, and strictly LSU.  That they played that OOC schedule in addition to their conference schedule is commendable, however. But Bama (vs. PSU), Georgia (vs. ASU and Clemson) and Tennessee (vs. Oregon) have done a pretty good job of scheduling OOC lately. The real embarrasment is Florida, who schedules like Wisconsin, and has since before the Meyer days.
Edit: I think I see what you're saying. I don't believe the "best" teams reside solely in the SEC. Teams like Oregon, USC, Oklahoma, Texas and others have scheduled big-name OOC foes consistently over the past ten years. I just don't want to see Ohio State going the way of Wisconsin under Bielema. I don't think that will happen, but it's still something to keep an eye on. 

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I was looking forward to this. Darn.

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Same here. Smith needs to get back on the horn with Georgia asap.

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Disappointing to me, also.
To give Smith (I guess) credit, OSU has played a much better OOC schedule in the last decade and to come than any other B1G school.  USC and Texas, alone give them that, and VaTech coming up.
ND is solid competition and a rivalry game, but I'd gladly swap it out to play top 20 teams we rarely play.  Alabama this year, is a start.

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Get Georgia back on the schedule.

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And this decision happens after Ramzy SOLD me hook, line, and sinker....

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It is a little disappointing, but I understand it.  It would have been great for the less popular teams in the conferences, but it really doesn't affect the Michigans, Ohio States, USC's.  They'll still be scheduling big-time matchups as it is, and frankly I like a little diversity in that department.

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I hope Georgia and Tennessee can be put back on the schedule.   Also 2 OOC quality opponents, in one season, is on its way, as we have cincinnati and Va Tech together in 2014, Va Tech & North Carolina in 2015 and Oklahoma & North Carolina in 2017.