Anzalone to pick school this weekend

By Kyle Rowland on July 2, 2012 at 1:15p
Ohio State not among his final three. Notre Dame, Florida, Penn State. (
Source: @rivalsmike

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I don't have any ill will towards Anzalone or his father. I do contend though, that the Twitter creepster was not the reason for his de-commitment. Had that episode not have happened, I still believe Alex would've de-committed and ended up elsewhere. The Twitter stuff did make it easier for him to have an excuse to de-commit from OSU, but it wasn't THE reason for the de-commit. 

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Most likely just hope this is his choice and not his parents. 

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PSU really?
Wish him the best.

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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Yeah good luck wherever he goes, but two schools with horrific tragedies directly culminating from coaching staff idiocy, and throw in middling on-field results? If I truly cared, I'd want him to go to UF.
But as weak as ND is in overall skill and depth, he's got better odds of seeing time there earlier. Big fish, small/stagnant pond. But hey, they've got the academic prestige. That's where I guess he ends up.
PSU? Nova King Way in Hell.

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Good point regarding ND and his chances to see playing time early. No one would ever dare criticize one for selecting ND, now the dichotomy resulting from a PSU choice would be hilarious, pray for this if you want a little TMZ type reporting to fill the summer's lack of activity.

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The fact that PSU is on his final list definitely shows that the whole picture-with-a-child-predator thing was a pre-text (rather than a legitimate reason) for his de-commitment.  I'm with those who hope he chooses Pedd State.  That way he will get an annual opportunity to rue his lack of resolve.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Again, no it doesn't. Like I've said on another thread, there is probably no time that PSU has been more wary against predators than this exact moment because of everything that is in the public eye.

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I don't see your point.  *Every* college institution is on high alert about child predators.  That's why OSU publicized the thing with Waugh so completely.  So picking that as a reason to decommit from OSU is indeed merely a pretext and not a legitimate reason, just like I said.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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No, because Penn State does not currently have that issue. Yes, you are right, he was having second thoughts prior to the incident, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back. The point that you are implying however, is that if he considers PSU, the Waugh incident had no bearing on his choice, which is incorrect. Whether it did or didn't PSU is not currently affiliated with any predators, and is no different than any other school outside of retribution for a past scenario, under a different staff. Look at the interviews with their current commits, they all sing about the same tune.