June 22, 2012 at 12:42p    by Jason Priestas    


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But two of them call for Ohio to go 11-1.  O_o

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Ohio is one of the better teams in the MAC, and has been since Solich started there.  The Bobcats probably could have beaten DickRod's scUM teams.

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A 3-9 Toledo team beat DickRod 13-10 in 2008. The Ohio team of 2012 would have really put a whuppin' on them.
I'll try to be nice to Michigan after this or else the Buckeye fans who also seem to love scUM as much as OSU will get on my case again. If you had to live up in Toledo and see that mustard and blue M crap all the time like I do, well, you'd be upset too. As well as read the scUM hero worship in the daily paper.

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Im sorry but the thing about Buckeye fans loving scUM is bullshit and you know it. Some of us came to the defense of a kid who you created a thread to basically mock that he is a 2-star. Get a life and grow up. Go take that crap to the 24/7 sports board and go rot there.

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That thing likes UCF too, just has them losing to us. Interesting.

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i noticed that too... maybe we be paying more attention UCF game...
but i have to agree, the only game i really see us struggling in is that away game at Wisky.

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I wouldn't hate an FSU/OK national championship. Also, nice title... long live The Count.

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FSU usually tops my most hated teams ... I have too much family in the Tallahassee area always deaming of returning to their glory days.  Anything better than an 7-5 season for them makes my stomach turn.

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Any nat champ with no SEC representation is a-ok with me, but that seems unlikely to me

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