SEC, Big 12 Form Postseason Arrangement

By Jason Priestas on May 18, 2012 at 12:24p

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Matt's picture

ACC and Big East look at each other, simultaneously shrug shoulders, and start to make out

cplunk's picture

If you ain't in the B1G, Pac-12, SEC, or Big-12, you just got left out of what is eventually going to be one of the playoff semifinals. 

RB's picture

Nail on the head.  I was wondering if this type of scenario is what Delaney has been positioning for all along in maintaining the importance of the Rose Bowl.  This would also make the B10 (and Pac10, SEC, B12) championship a National Championship quarterfinal.  Big East doesn't deserve consideration, but ACC could definitely be left on the outside looking in.

rdubs's picture

This was the basis for the super conferences.  You get four 16 team conferences and have their champs (and maybe runners up) play a playoff.

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I guess I will take my college football anyway it comes. I will still get jacked to watch the Buckeyes every Saturday, even when they are playing the Sisters of the Poor. Playoffs/Bowl Games are just icing on a giant cake, and all icing pretty much tastes the same.

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