OSU and UGA Cancel Home and Home Series

By Alex on May 31, 2012 at 12:49p

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So, which troll is going to be the 1st to claim that OSU canceled cause they are "scared" to play an SEC team 8  years from now? 

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We did just cancel a home-and-home series with Tennessee as well.  I'm pretty pissed. I was really looking forward to these two series.  We did pick up a home game against Vanderbilt in 2013, so kudos for us for scheduling the SEC's nerds at least.

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That sucks! Had not heard the Tennesse home-and-home was cancelled, but I do see that series is not listed on the official Ohio State Department of Athletics website (for 2018-2019).

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Damnit. Was looking forward to this series. Would've been great to yell B1G-B1G at my mother (UGA grad). In all seriousness, who knows what will happen between now and then. 

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The reason for the cancellation is probably because of the B1G-Pac12 long term agreement....have to clear room for the "big boy game" somehow....

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Also, isn't the Big Ten still considering a 9-game conference schedule? That's practically going to eliminate any future nonconference home-and-homes. The athletic budget relies on having at least 8 home games every other year, so if we play 5 road Big Ten games every other year, there's no room for any school that would demand a home-and-home.
Too bad. I was looking forward to seeing Tennesse and Georgia testing their "dominance" north of Lexington for the first time in practically ever.

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and the fact that the SEC will likely be going to a 9 game conference schedule.............ha did I just type that.

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I know that was the reason given, but it could have been any of the first 3 games. Home and home is going to be tougher since the conferences are larger.

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OSU needs to realize it they want to play with the big boys they need to play them.  Look at scUM opening this year with Bama...that's ballsy.  Who cares about the PAC 12 unless we are playing SC.  C'mon Gene grow some and lets play the SEC!

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How can you say they don't play the big boys??  Texas, USC, Cal (were better when the game was scheduled), Tennessee, Georgia, Miami..  I think their schedules have been just fine.  
If they are playing 9 conference games + a Pac 12 team, there is no reason to play a top tier SEC team.  If you run your schedule without one, you are almost guarenteed a national championship appearance (or top 4 in the future layout).  Plus there is a money factor in that playing powder puff teams at home is more effective.

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I agree with those games you mentioned but that's the past....who outside of the B1G on our current schedules is a big boy?  Cal?  Nope....Vtech paaaalease!   Oklahoma yes but we wait until 2016.  Look all I'm saying is lets schedule some sec teams to quiet the critics and prove we can beat them, after all our record ain't so great against them...just sayin. 

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damn....always wanted to see the Buckeyes play "Between the hedges"

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That's a cool site BTW. Going to have to save that as a favorite.
After looking at tOSU future schedules, am already making plans for Navy at Baltimore, VTech at Blacksburg, and UNC at Chapel Hill.
Also am sorry about Tenn and GA. Would have liked to have caught those too.

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The reason given for the cancellation of 'not being able to agree on dates' seems a little suspect. I wish there was a way to keep these games on the schedule. I would much rather play Georgia and Tennessee than a Pac 12 team (unless its USC). 

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Really looking forward to the USC games that are bound to happen at some point. Bad bad taste in every buckeye fans mouth after the last two....especially the home game

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I wish USC was on the schedule every year.

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Me too.  I want to beat them so badly...  USC has a spot in my hate-place rivaled only by TTUN and Notre Dame.

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Between this and scheduling Florida A+M in 2013, I'm a little worried about the direction the program is taking in terms of scheduling. I don't want to see some SEC-style OOC slate of cupcakes.

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This sucks. Was stoked for this game. If they replace it with USC, Stanford, or Oregon I won't mind as much, but still. I'm all for us playing a Pac-12 team and an OOC tough game.

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Too bad for all of the reasons commented on and also given Urb's record vs UGA!

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On the upside, this clears room to schedule games with Youngstown State and Akron so we can "keep the money in state"... NOT.

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With all due respect...FUCK that big 10/pac 10 agreement. If its not USC or Oregon(@ the moment) then its just another non-conference cream puff. I was lookin forward to the chance @ shutting up some of these SEC fans...Damn

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I'm really looking forward to the Buckeyes visiting Wazzu!

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How about Arizona would love to see Rich Rods cry baby face again!!

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I'm looking forward to visiting Sun Devil Stadium again. Great setting, great win last time I was there.

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Always a good time; though U of Miami, Kansas State, and Notre Dame might disagree.

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By 2020, only games of this magnitude will sell out. The University is making a huge mistake and we are definitely running from the SEC. Bet we would NOT cancel a home and home with Maryland.

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Why would we run from Georgia? The 'Shoe sells out for Toledo. It will sell out for USC, ASU or any Pac-12 team that replaces UGA.

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I'm disappointed to see this home-home get canceled but I will point out that it was pretty sweet visiting Seattle and the the UDub campus in 2007 when OSU played out there. 

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This really sucks. I was so looking forward to both the Tennessee and Georgia home-and-homes, and naturally they decide to cancel them

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I guess you should have been looking forward to Buffalo and Florida A&M.

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I didn't care so much about the Tennessee series but I was looking forward to Georgia.  But, 8-9 years from now who knows, Georgia could be a B1G team, if there is such thing as a conference then.  It's just really hard to say what's going to happen in the next few years.  I hate that it's being sacrificed for potential matchups with ASU or the other OSU, but not much  we can do about it.  
It seems with these new conference partnerships, a potential cluster Eff of a championship, and expansion, college football is about to get more screwed up than it already was. 
Each year that goes by I have a harder time embracing college football for various reasons.  Now it's going to become less interesting. Cool!

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time changes things.  OOC opponents are no longer about having a tough opponent to get you ready for Big 10 play.  It's definitely more about money.  1989 had OSU's OOC schedule as: Oklahoma State, @ Southern Cal, Boston College. 
Win or loose, I'd much rather see OSU play a better OOC slate, than some of these Eastern Michigan/Kent State cream puffs.

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Georgia and Tennessee should be happy.  They got their asses kicked by Urban enough when he was at Florida - I'm sure they love that they can get out of having to face him again while still touting SEC dominance, even though those two schools contributed a combined 0 national titles to the SEC's 6-in-a-row streak.
All joking shit-talk aside, this does suck.  Always looked forward to those games.  They better give us USC or Oregon, or whoever's good in the Pac 12 in 2020...

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Georgia backed out because they got the weather forcast for Ohio.



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Georgia backed out because it is more than 100 miles from Athens to Columbus.

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Georgia is one of the few SEC teams that actually has some guts when it comes to non conference scheduling.

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Actually UGA really doesn't schedule that tough of out of conference opponents.
06 - Western Kentucky, Colorado, UAB, and Georgia Tech (I suppose Colorado and GT are okay)
07- Oklahoma State, Western Carolina, Troy, GT (I'll give you Oklahoma State, but that was even before they were that great)
08 - Georgia Southern, Central Michigan, Arizona State, GT (Arizona State is okay)
09 - Charleston Southern, Troy, FIU, Florida State (obviously Florida State is the only good team there)
10 - Lousiana Lafayette, Colorado, Idaho State, GT (nothing)
11 - Boise State, Coastal Carolina, New Mexico State, GT (BSU obviously)
12 - Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Georgia Southern, GT (laughable)

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When they played Ok State they were ranked that season. Compared to a lot of t he other teams in the SEC that was a pretty big non conference game.  People applauded Wisconsin(who never plays anyone of signifcance non conference) for scheduling a non conference game against ASU.  Ga Tech may not have been great, last season but they are typically a pretty good foe and it definitely is better than any in state game Ohio State plays every year. 
Georgia is at least not affraid to schedule a non conference foe from another BCS conference and they aren't affraid to play them on the road.  That's a major step up from what many in their conference will do. 

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Also, didn't they try to get something done with Michigan?  I don't remember all the details but I think Michigan had an open home date and tried to get Georgia on the schedule, but it fell apart.  Perhaps because there wasn't any spot for Michigan to do a game in Athens.  So it's not like they shy away from playing another BCS program on the road.  Both the ASU and Ok State were on the road, they almost played at Michigan and they agreed to a home and home with Ohio State, but it fell through.

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No I agree with you.  I wasn't saying that there OOC games were terrible - I was just saying it's not THAT great.  Georgia Tech each year is an OKAY GAME.  Oklahoma State, Boise State, & Arizona State are solid games that many teams wouldn't even schedule, but still weren't THAT great (except BSU).

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As long as the road is about a hundred miles or so. One game in 30+ years that crossed the Mississippi besides bowl games? 

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When they went to ASU in '08, it was the first time they had crossed he Mississippi in 30+ years.  Prior to that, they had traveled about 400 miles in a ten year span.