Gene Smith: More NCAA Violations are Pending

By Jason Priestas on May 24, 2012 at 1:15a

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So tired of this.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Oh shit.

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"It may not." - Gene Smith, who was just quoted as saying the athletic department is now in it's glory years two days ago.

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still think this guy should've been gone about a year, year 1/2 ago ... people say hiring Urban saved him, but I think Urban would be the coach here no matter who the AD is

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Well at least Smith still has a job

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Reporting everything no matter how big or small.
If they are more than secondary, he should be forced to "resign"

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Statement by Gene Smith, Ohio State Director of Athletics: “Contrary to reports attributed to me, Ohio State Athletics is not facing any major NCAA violations. There are several secondary violations being processed by our compliance office. These are similar to those released last week. Again, these are secondary in nature and consistent with our culture of self-reporting even the most minor and inadvertent violations. Again, to be clear, the Ohio State football program, its coaches and staff are not facing any violations.”
The Latern is shit

Cause I couldn't go for three

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The Lantern used quotes from Gene Smith himself. They are not shit, he's just backtracking like Dr. Anzalone.

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i'm not gonna elaborate until ohio state decides to, but having seen the list of violations as summarized by OSU, let's just say gene isn't lying about these things being minor and also that the first one is HILARIOUS

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I listened to the audio from Gene and read the Lantern report. You could take what he said about the 12 reported violations that "may be secondary violations, may not" - meaning "they may be secondary or they may be major violations" like the Lantern did OR you can take it as "they may be secondary or they may be nothing at all". Interpretation is key.

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a lot of them are literally clerical errors, so the second interpretation might be more accurate

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Exactly, which is what I believe Geno was trying to say. These could be secondary, or they could be nothing at all. Although the football team using a smaller version of a ball not designed specifically for use in their given sport seems like a MAJOR violation to me...

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yeah, that's the one i was hinting at, i would love, LOVE to see the NCAA bylaw about that one.


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Nice job the Lantern asking for a clarification...wait...

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It's The Lantern...

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More ado about nothing.  Unless you're Mark May - guess fat ass only had 2 twinkies this morning instead of 4 and is in a bad mood.  Given what's against NCAA rules, I'm sure there's not a program in existence that hasn't committed some form of secondary violations.  But since our local newspaper decides to write a story about our secondary violations, it makes us seem like we're still "cheating" and gets the shit talkers to talk their shit.  Why even put this in the papers?  People in this country don't read into shit anymore and jump to irrational conclusions based on misleading headlines. 

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