Cornerback U

By Alex on April 9, 2012 at 5:30p

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I really wish we would go back to the Cooper and Early Tressel look with the jerseys with less black on the sleeves and long white socks.

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I like the new style.  I wish they would get an alternate black jersey or charcoal gray.

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Eh... I think that'd be a decent thing for recruiting but other than that I'm not a big fan of BFBS (Black for black's sake)

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For some reason black just seems to make the team look more intimidating. I would like to see the team bring it out maybe once a year for a night game or something. I seem to remember a Roger Federer quote in which he said he would wear black shirts just for that reason.

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He was a safety..

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Well I feel sheepish...totally forgot about that little difference. 


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Jack Tatum was also a safety...

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No, he switched back and forth between safety and cornerback in college. 

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No, Tatum was a fast tank allowed to do whatever he wanted. That dude was the original physical freak.


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Ok, technically his position according to Hayes, Tatum and Holtz was to cover the best wide receiver on the opposing team, so he played all over the place.

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I would argue that we might also be Safet U but Miami might take that one

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Sean Taylor and Ed Reed are arguably two of the best safeties to play the game. Losing Taylor was a huge loss for football in general.

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man, Nate Clements was a bad dude. I miss the majority of grey on the sleeves and numbers on the shoulder pads as well.

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For a while there, Miami had made a pretty legit claim to the title of DB U but OSU's consistency at producing top end talent at S and CB has never really faltered. Springs was the goods man. Shut down at the college level, top 3 corner in the NFL for a large part of his professional career.

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I still have a soft spot in my heart for Chris Gamble.  That dude was just fun to watch.  Going both ways was the shite.

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