Tell Me When It's Over: Luke Witte

By Ramzy Nasrallah on March 30, 2012 at 9:15p

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What's more unbelievable? The event itself or its -


The Big Ten Conference suspended Taylor and Behagen for the rest of the season. Ohio State head coach Fred Taylor was angered that the universities (including his own), the NCAA, and the Big Ten Conference refused to pursue sanctions against the Minnesota program, and said later that his enthusiasm for the game was lost as a result; he retired early, in 1976.[2] The Minnesota coach, Bill Musselman, was blamed for fostering a thuggish Gopher atmosphere—for instance, he had his team perform dunks and slams during pre-game workouts. Musselman denied that he ordered his team to play dirty or to initiate fights. Despite losing two of its key players, Minnesota went on to win the Big Ten championship with an 11-3 record.
Following the incident, the NCAA banned the practice of players performing dunks and slams during pre-game warm-ups when officials are not present. Witte chose not to pursue legal or any other avenue of retribution against his attackers. Instead, he has extended forgiveness and tried to achieve reconciliation.[3]


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Just a disgusting act, and it's not surprising that someone who was willing to stomp on someone else's head as he laid on the ground would also be will to steal from an Alzheimer's patient.  Also extremely disgusting.

vacuuming sucks

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Shocking nothing really came to Minnesota after that except some suspensions.  I think Witte showed some really nice perspective in that piece and it's cool to see he didn't let his injuries affect his life after his playing days.


I was dying in laughter when I read the story on Florida's Erving Walker being arrested for grand theft taco....of $3.  One of the most hilarious stories of the year so far.

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Regarding Wallker and the Taco vendor's running pursuit of Erving....SEC speed strikes again!

“I don’t follow sports,” Perez said. “He was just some dude that stole who was very fast.”

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