Guess Who Won't be Taking Part in Alabama's Spring Practices

March 7, 2012 at 11:10a    by Jason Priestas    


J.Mo's picture

I'm willing to bet Duron Carter doesn't have any significant playing time ever.

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Duron Carter's likeness should be included on Alabama's roster in NCAA Football 2013 but be 1) indefinitely unavailable to play, and 2) carry an XBOX rating of 99.


"If it's in the game, it's in the game."

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Disappointed only because Chris Carter is in my top 5 favorite Buckeyes of all time (Byars, Spielman, George, and Smith are the others because you were thinking of asking). It's too bad Duron can't get it right. I'm assuming he grew up as a privileged kid which is maybe the problem with him.

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When the kid was in high school seems like I heard repeatedly how smart he was and how he worked so hard.  WTF happened the summer between his senior year and his arrival in Columbus? 

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Two words: Ray Small.

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And Jonathan Newsome.

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I think Carter steered Newsome in the wrong direction but then again Newsome might have been doomed from the start due to the Glenville connection and Small/Rose. Browning and Hines though were not affected by the Glenville bad seeds.