Marcus to Visit UNC

By Alex on January 24, 2012 at 3:48p

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Hence the Northrup visit. The staff want one more LB which makes me wonder if we are losing another current LBer.

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This might be interpreted as a positive sign for Ohio State: "but, mom, I really want to go to Ohio State . . . okay, I'll take a trip to UNC if it'll make you happy." In other words, he might have downgraded one of his (previous) top two schools (ECU). If he chooses Ohio State, he can now say, "mom, I did give all the state schools my full consideration . . ."  

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Heard rumblings of Jordan Whiting possibly leaving.....don't think Marcus visiting UNC or Whiting leaving has anything to do with Northrup visiting

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TP took his visit to PSU because his family wanted him to do so. No biggie.

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Perkins, Williams, Perry... Think we're fine at LB for this class. Save a scholarship for next year's class

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Don't forget Roberts as well.  Still, the staff was apparently impressed with Jamal's tape, so I'm guessing they'd like to have him.

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The Herald Sun info is old

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Looks like Marcus announcing next Wednesday

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(OLB) Joseph Jackson just re-committed to North Carolina, so that maybe scratches UNC off of the list for Marcus

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Says Marcus will decide between ECU and OSU as originally expected.  Not sounding like he's going to consider UNC.