Jim Tressel Will Interview for the Colts Top Position

By Jason Priestas on January 18, 2012 at 10:46a

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Lol if he got it that would be so weird to see. 

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According to another article Tampa Bay may be looking his was as well.  Would love to see him be successful at the next level!

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As a Colts fan, I would love to see this.  But I don't know if he would be retained as a replay assistant? coordinator? under a different head coach.  It may be HC or bust.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Time out! (I keed.)

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I think whomever the Colts draft with the 1st pick would be "Luck"y to have Tress as a head coach!!!! lolz!!!

/shows self out

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IF this happens, ...


I eagerly look forward to the surge in "What's wrong with Andrew Luck??!!" NFL articles in about a year. 

JT was a good college coach but his track record with QBs ... not NFL level and def. not on the level of what teams like the Packers, Pats, Saints are doing. Entirely different world. 



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Andrew Luck can and will make any head coach look good.

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I'd like to think Tress would tak RG3.  I think Tress likes and understands from the college game how a mobile qb gives defenses fits.

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No coach is silly enough to take anybody over Luck.

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Not sold on Luck. Barkley is better in my opinion. No team should/would draft Griffin over Luck, and rightfully so. 

Also if the Rams had gotten the 1st overall pick, I think they would've taken Matt Kalil from USC instead of Luck, so not every team that has a high pick would necessarily draft Luck.

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/facepalm what Tress did at OSU with mobile qb's.

I'm not saying RG3 is the #1 pick or whatever the colts have, just that I think Tress given his drothers would have a mobile qb. I think we can agree Luck doesn't fall into the category: mobile qb.

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Man, I just can't see Tress in the NFL.

Long live the southend.

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Good fit! Tress's philosophy fits perfectly in the NFL. Hell, the Steelers have played that way for 50 years.

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He will make a fine coach in the NFL

Tressel may not have been as flashy as many wanted but he did have one of the best winning % in college football and his style does fit the NFL

O H I O is the Buckeye State

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Wonder if he brings in Bollman to be his OC