Clarke and Gambrell No Longer Buckeyes

By Chris Lauderback on January 15, 2012 at 6:07p

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Ozone reported Cash is gone too.  11W has been a little quiet on this front..


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Yeah. Cash defintely gone. He was trying to get rid of his mini-fridge, rugs and stuff on Twitter this morning. 

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I remember jeremey cash showing up in a suite. Was he in trouble? Why is he leaving?

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No trouble that I know of. I do know that he's from Florida and Urban didn't recruit him back in the day. 

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Certainly not because of major depth... Even though the starters from the secondary are going to all be back, I'm not really confident in any of them besides MAYBE Roby.


Good to see Clarke and Derjuan gone though. I like the no nonsense attitude that Urban is starting from the very beginning.

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Yeah, Cash would've been in the two deep at safety. Maybe there's more to it that hasn't come out yet. 

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These are the two I knew of when I created the "Players on the Way Out" thread last week. Clarke obviously had the OVI charges, while Gambrell assaulted someone (and if the details get out, they won't be pretty).

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I don't mind the Clarke dismissal, but I will be keeping an eye on the Gambrell one. From what I know he is a first offender. I have a feeling that if a star player was arrested for assault he would only sit out a few games. I guess I am thinking of Chris Rainey "time to die" incident for those of you that remember. I just hope Urban isn't being unfair to lower-level players to free up some space for his recruits. It depends on the viciousness of the assault and what kind of legal punishment he is looking at.

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this was actually his second arrest for assault from what i read.  had one a year ago using his fathers last name.

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Did he really? Well if that's true than this is much more justified.

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ack, i cant find it now. but i saw a link with the arrest report from march of last year i think. either way, report is that he beat up his kids mom.  IF true, its just awful.  hope he gets his shit together.

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Dude dismissed Clarke who was our best, second best, or third best corner this past year...I don't think he's playing favorites.  Urban has a list of things you can't do...Clarke violated the list by an OVI, Gambrell violated a couple of them.  When you're coach has a specific rule for the treatment of women, even when it may be your baby's moma, it means you should violate it.

These players may have been able to skate by if everyone didn't make such a point of Urban's arrest record at Florida.  These aren't his recruits, so he sure as heck isn't going to let them affect his reputation.  Are they terrible incidents? Maybe not, but terrible timing.

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Beating up your kid's momma qualifies as "terrible," IMHO.



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Agreed.  Should have said terrible incident pertaining to Clarke.

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I like the discipline.

We are very thin at DB though, can Aaron Craft come aboard at Safety?

I hope we get Neal, and he doesn't go to Arkansas with Johnson.

Glad to hear we got Decker in the fold!

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Urban's getting rid of the jerks. Well done, Coach Meyer. He doesn't need them. The team will be better off without Clarke and Gambrell.

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Secondary takes a major hit today.  Losing their coach and 3 players.  Hope there aren't any more departures.  I know Hagan is a possible transfer/medical hardship.

So at Safety we have Barnett, Bryant, Johnson, Wood, Pitt Brown, Domicone and Tanner?

CB's are Howard, Roby, D. Grant.

Looks like we need some safeties to switch to corner.

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Isn't Pitt Brown a CB? Bryant was a CB in HS, right? And he's pretty much playing that in the slot as the Star...  Plus you have Bogard, Murray and Powell (and Neal???) coming in.

The coach is going to be an important hire...

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Brown played at safety this year I thought.

Bogard and Powell played safety in high school too I believe.  Bryant was a CB in HS, but I don't know that he has the speed to play corner in college.  We shall find out because some of those guys are going to have to be moved to CB during the offseason.

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Gambrell beat his girlfriend. He sure as hell better have been kicked off the team. Clark's dismissal is tough to swallow, but you've gotta like the no-nonsense policy Urban is adopting. 

Ohio State is bigger than any one person. Even if we have a thin secondary this year (seriously though, with the bowl ban, is it really that big of a deal?), we'll be better off having removed these guys and having established a tone of compliance

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"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

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There are those out there that will claim that Meyer letting these guys go has the earmarks of "the SEC oversigning" tactic, making room for his players or whatever. I've already heard it from an ND buddy of mine and a PSU guy. Bullshit fellas, bullshit. Let's face it, we're not exactly in the position to be coddling players that break laws, let alone team rules. These guys had to go. Period.

Regardless of how light we find ourselves at these positions, one has to ask themselves how badly we want a couple of guys who acted up with a new sheriff in town? It doesn't take a whole lot of common sense considering the position we're in to understand that any flag, no matter how red is going to be scrutinized. These two obviously didn't have what it takes common sense wise and therefore shouldn't be afforded the honor of donning the scarlet and gray.

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Well, as much as I hate to say it, your ND and Penn State friends may have a point. I mean, just think if Braxton were to do what Gambrell did. Do you think he would be kicked off of the team? Certainly not. (Again I am thinking Chris Rainey "time to die.") I bet he'd miss three or four games tops depending on the legal trouble he was facing. I think Urban took this oppurtunity to set a tone, maybe try and improve some PR, and free up a scholarship taken up by a player who probably wasn't going to do anything significant in the Scarlet and Grey. I'd also say that every other coach in the country would do the same put in Urban's position. I do not like it (not the fact that Gambrell was dismissed, but the fact that if it were a star player he probably would not have been), but its the name of the game in college football right now.

And then again maybe I'm wrong and Gambrell did something that would have gotten anybody, star or not, kicked off of the team.

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Gambrell beat the crap out of his girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child. I think it's safe to say that if Braxton had done that, he'd be out too

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Attrition is expected.

Hopefully the tradition of DB U continues.