Cam Burrows to Decide on Thursday

By Alex on January 16, 2012 at 4:35p

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This is awesome. What a great building block for the 2013 class he'd be

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Oops, I just asked about Cam in nother place - consider my question answered.

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Cam was on campus recently, right? 

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Whispers on o-zone that he's a Bama commit.  That would blow.

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he just visited cbus this weekend. he's a buckeye.


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Yep. Everything I've heard indicates he is a Buckeye.

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I hate to be a Danny Downer, but what makes anyone think this kid is going to be a Buckeye? Because he's from Ohio? Isn't Madison a scUM pipeline? I hope he's going to be a Buckeye.



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He will be a Buckeye ;)

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I wouldn't consider "The Wood" to be a pipeline of sorts. The team is well known in the area for recruiting high school players to come and play for so the school does not have the best reputation. But with that being said the Dayton area is 95% scarlet and gray so I can very easily see him in the shoe in the future.

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who was the last  to come from the wood to C-bus?

Capn, Make It So...

439LawDog's picture got me there as I can't name anyone. BUT at the same time I can only think of Roundtree (and I believe one other player) who were the ones who jumped ship from Purdue on National Signing Day a few years back as the only other players from there as of late.

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I could look it up but it doesn't matter. Was it Hope or Tiller that called Rich Rod a wizard selling snake oil?

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I have to admit the wood has always had a history of speed. I never knew why we hadn't tapped into it.... didn't Shaw (scum) come from there?

Capn, Make It So...

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Lumpkin (TE) was the last productive player from T-Wood. Roundtree and Shaw are the latest to Scum. I don't think Tress and Douglas cared for each other.

go bucks

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Because it is strange that he would want to announce 6 days after he visited tOSU.........dude's a buckeye, or so speculation is pointing towards.

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Taver leaving is definitely making me nervous on this one.  I agree that everything seems to point to the Buckeyes, but until he makes that announcement I am going to be worried.  With all of the top level talent in Ohio next year and with Urban at the helm there is no reason we shouldn't end up with a top 5 class, if not top 2.

 Honestly I would rather lose him to another B1G school than to an SEC school.  I hate seeing tTun get good players, especially from Ohio, but losing them to southern schools hurts more because they have plenty of talent down there and if we're ever going to compete as a conference we need to at least keep the talent in the midwest.

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Alex seems to always have a good read on these kids and it's probably because he's been in contact with the kids.  I have not seen anything from Alex that says he may be a Buckeye, or should be a Buckeye. He says expect him to be a Buckeye and he WILL be a Buckeye.  Until I hear some doubt from Alex, I'm not going to fret over this one. 

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Not only is this a great recruit for 2013 but the timing of it will certainly give us momentum going into NSD 2012. For the first time in several years I'm not fretting about who we are going lose on NSD but who we are going to end up with. This class is great and it's only going to get better as NSD approaches.