Average Bowl Viewership Drops to Record Low

By Jason Priestas on January 13, 2012 at 12:34p

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As for BCS RATINGS: No USC. No OSU. No Florida. No Texas. No Oklahoma. No FSU. No wonder.

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This is good news for playoff advocates.  


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I disagree. The bowl commissioners and Delany will find a way to blame the +1 playoff format for the low viewership and go back to the old formula before the BCS, instead of progressing forward.



Jason Priestas's picture

I'm not sure there's any going back, whether Delany wants it or not, at this point.

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I'd probably be happier with the old system in any case.  TCU in the Rose Bowl?  The way it is now is a sham, that claims legitimacy.  The old bowl system was more widely recognized as a beauty contest.

Until oversigning is addressed, not all the conferences play with the same number of cards in the deck anyway...so we might as well just play the PAC-12.  They at least have similar academic requirements and recruiting rules.