Top 50 Most Profitable FBS Football & Men’s Hoops Programs

By Chris Lauderback on December 28, 2011 at 3:50p

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Most fans in the nation and we sit at 17th..interesting

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Agree.  Does anyone really know why OSU football isn't more profitable?  Why are expenses so high compared to some of the other top programs? 

I am stuck in the middle of PSU country and I constantly hear about how PSU football is the 2nd most profitable programs in the country (that and their high graduation rate are about the only 2 things they can talk about these days...).  Why does PSU's program generate $12 more in revenue?   

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Differences in accounting. The way we count revenue versus other schools is different, and the way we count costs as opposed to other schools is different.

i.e. Some schools count apparel sales - or at least football apparel sales - as revenue. Ohio State counts it as general athletic department revenue. And as far as costs go, Ohio State counts just about every cost imaginable. They are somewhat pressured to do so by the coaches representing the women's sports so that the women's sports get more money (< I have firsthand knowledge of this).

So profitable is a very subjective term.

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also keep in mind the huge number of varsity sports OSU sponsors

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60 million in revenue seems like they are really only counting gate receipts for ticket sales.  General admission is what 70 bucks now?  Factor in suites and I'm sure there are seats that you have to be a hefty donor to get in that stadium and the money goes even higher.  Of course those donations to the university are probably not counted as football revenue either.  Just looking at general admission though 70 bucks per game, 7 home games, and 105,000 people is over 49 of that 60 million.  I don't know if students get a break on tickets or not so I'm sure there are some holes in my theory here, but it really does appear they are only counting ticket revenue as football revenue.